Dungeon Locks

These functional replica locks with keys are darkened and weathered to replicate the originals used during the Middle Ages. Are you looking for handcuffs and locks for you medieval dungeon? We have the medieval locks and handcuffs that will do the trick. Our medieval handcuffs, padlocks, shackles, and dungeon locks are fully functional and come with keys. We also have prison ball and chain leg shackles that are modeled after those used in the Clink Prison of London England.
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Adjustable Alcatraz Handcuffs

Item # TC-2802-532
Even prisons and jails want to have their property returned, especially if inmates are returned with them. Luckily, these Adjustable Alcatraz Handcuffs come with a stamped label, so there is no questioning where they came from.

Adjustable Antique Alcatraz Leg and Hand Cuffs

Item # TC-LC-3A
Alcatraz might be one of the most famous prisons ever known, thanks in part to its high level of security. It is very possible that these Adjustable Antique Alcatraz Leg and Hand Cuffs helped to contribute to that impressive security.

Alcatraz Prison Iron Ball and Chain

Item # TC-LC-6
The benefit of putting a stamp on dungeon ware is that if anyone finds it, you immediately know where they belong. This Alcatraz Prison Iron Ball and Chain is a classic example of how they detained prisoners in history.

Antique Chastity Belt with Lock and Keys

Item # TC-K150T
Once upon a time, the chastity belt was the tool of choice when it came to protecting ones innocence and virtue. Now, you can own one of these intriguing pieces, in the form of this Antique Chastity Belt with Lock and Keys!

Antiqued Dungeon Leg Cuffs

Item # TC-LC-2
Keep your prisoner from escaping your custody by restraining them with these authentic replica leg irons! The Antiqued Dungeon Leg Cuffs feature a historical look with their oxidized metal finish and antique fetter design.

Ball and Chain Single Cuff

Item # AH-RPT8021
There is no prison or dungeon accent quite like the old ball and chain. Used to restrict and limit a prisoners movements, this Ball and Chain Single Cuff recreates the design quite well, down even to the heavy weight secured at the end.

Bar Cuffs with Padlock

Item # AH-RPT8027
The benefit of restraints like these Bar Cuffs with Padlock is that they afford greater control of a prisoner, by restricting their movement even more. Properly secured, these cuffs can all but prevent a prisoner from using their hands.

Box Style Dungeon Cuffs

Item # AH-RPT8025
When you want to a secure a prisoner, the first thing you do is secure their hands. Throughout history, restraints like these Box Style Dungeon Cuffs were used for binding a prisoner, to ensure their compliancy with any dungeon policies.

Carved Prison Lock

Item # AH-3863
Nothing says keep out quite like a lock. This Carved Prison Lock possesses all the hallmarks of a medieval security device, including finish, which ensures that it will serve you well as a way to secure your treasures or prisoners.

Double-Key Dungeon Lock

Item # AH-RPT8052-1
For twice the security, you need double the locks, or at least a lock that is doubly effective. This Double-Key Dungeon Lock is just such a piece, reflecting the design of a medieval lock, but requiring two keys to open, instead of one.

Female Chastity Belt Replica

Item # ME-0038
A creation of the medieval era, chastity belts were used by untrusting and nervous men to ensure the faithfulness of their wives. The Female Chastity Belt Replica is a reproduction of this medieval tool made from hand wrought iron.


Item # MCI-2232
Fewer thieves and ruffians roam the streets since you became a member of the Watch. The villagers sleep more peacefully, knowing that you maintain a steady vigil throughout the night with the Handcuffs dangling from your belt.