Ready For Battle by Epic Armoury

Whether you are just starting your adventure into the world of LARP or you are looking for a classic foam latex blade to rely on in any fight, the Ready For Battle collection by Epic Armoury has something for you. Also known as RFB, the Ready For Battle line of products favors classic and versatile designs that are economically priced, making them essential for beginners and great LARP weapons in the arsenals of experienced warriors, too. Timeless in their style and make, our Ready For Battle LARP weapons are for the most part made of latex-coated foam, and we offer some RFB latex-hybrid weapons as well. Ready For Battle spans the eras of history and fantasy as well, so you are sure to find something to suit your unique LARP persona here. Whether you are a battle-hardened LARP warrior or just now getting in on the fun, shop medieval-themed LARP swords and shields, RFB pirate LARP cutlasses, LARP daggers, LARP elven blades, and much more here.

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Black and Gold Ready For Battle LARP Buckler

Item # MCI-3059
Make sure you stand out on the field of battle by carrying a distinctive shield that your fellow warriors will recognize. The Black and Gold Ready For Battle Buckler displays a design that is simple yet eye-catching.

Black and Gold Ready For Battle LARP Kite Shield

Item # MCI-3057
Intimidate your enemies in battle with the look of this solid black kite shield on your arm! The Black and Gold Ready For Battle Kite Shield shows off a golden strip around the edge, simulated to look like riveted metal.

Black and Gold Ready For Battle Round LARP Shield

Item # MCI-3064
This fantastic round LARP shield provides the protection you need in the heat of battle along with a striking design. The Black and Gold Ready For Battle Round Shield displays a solid black center to intimidate your enemies.

Bladesinger Long Sword

Item # MCI-2089
Our Bladesinger LARP Long Sword can be used for medieval and fantasy themes. This latex sword features a curved blade with an extra long handle for two handed use. It is an affordable LARP sword without sacrificing quality and style.

Childrens Goblin Ear Hood

Item # MCI-3162
You will wonder how a creature that is supposedly grotesque and evil can be so cute when your little LARPer wears the Childrens Goblin Hood. Many legends surround the mischievous being, now young role players can create their own.

Childs Black Leather Body Armour

Item # MCI-2710
For the young adventurer who needs armour suitable for a LARP quest, the Childs Black Leather Body Armour is a trustworthy option. This lightweight cuirass will assist in the avoidance of injuries during the next roleplay event.

Childs Brown Leather Body Armour

Item # MCI-2711
The young warrior, who never braves the bitter cold without the protection of a warm coat, must not venture into a LARP kingdom without the fortification of a durable, lightweight cuirass such as the Childs Brown Leather Body Armour.

Deluxe RFB Bow - Black, Medium

Item # MCI-3472
The Deluxe RFB Bow in Black, Medium is ideal for LARP archery or safe archery practice. This black LARP bow is made of fiberglass and has been textured to look like wood. Suede leather with lace-up detail reinforces its grip.

DIY RFB Kite Shield

Item # MCI-3387
All knights have their own heraldries, which are made up of color schemes and crests. Put your own knightly heraldry on a foam-latex LARP shield by using the DIY RFB Kite Shield to make a personalized, unique LARP kite shield!

DIY RFB Large Shield

Item # MCI-3388
The Ready For Battle line of LARP swords and shields is known for its quality, which makes items like the DIY RFB Large Shield so attractive. It combines the quality of the RFB line of LARP equipment with the personalization of DIY.

DIY RFB Round Shield

Item # MCI-3386
If you enjoy the Ready For Battle line of LARP weapons and shields, but you wish it had a shield with a certain pattern or image on it, why not make it yourself? The DIY RFB Round Shield is an uncoated LARP shield for you to work on!

Green and Black Ready For Battle Round LARP Shield

Item # MCI-3063
Show off the colors of your realm by carrying this excellent round LARP shield! The Green and Black Ready For Battle Round Shield displays a dual-colored design with half of the piece showing solid black and half bright green.