Celtic Pendants & Charms

When you want to add a touch of Celtic elegance to your life, check out our delightful Celtic pendants and charms. Our selectin includes a number of designs featuring Celtic knotwork, claddaghs, Celtic crosses, and more. Within our wide variety of Celtic pendants, you are sure to find a jewelry piece that will suit your event and your taste, whether you are dressing up for a Ren fair, a medieval wedding, or simply looking for a unique new personal accent. The majority of these Celtic pendants do not come with a necklace, but they can be easily added to your own favorite cord or chain. Our Celtic charms are typically smaller than our Celtic pendants, offering delicate options to wear as you wish.
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Brigid Cross Pendant

Item # PS-WZPD3036
Often made of woven rushes or straw, the Brigid cross arises from the story of one of the patron saints of Ireland. The Brigid Cross Pendant displays a stylized cruciform design with a central square and four radials.

Bronze Celtic Knot Stag Pendant

Item # DD-ZTP-1613
Lend a little wildness to your days when you wear the Bronze Celtic Knot Stag Pendant. Often a form taken by the Celtic god Cernunnos, the stag here appears as an elegant accessory ready to help you embrace the spirit of the forest.

Bronze Tree Pentacle Locket

Item # DD-ZTP-2976
This pendant is distinctive and unique, featuring a double-faced design that serves well a wide variety of styles, which makes this Bronze Tree Pentagram Locket quite the versatile accent that will enhance your look considerably.

Celtic 3D Blade Pendant

Item # CE-834-402
If you have always loved the beauty in knives, then the Celtic 3D Blade Pendant could be for you. This stylish piece of jewelry is modeled after a blade to provide you with a fashionable yet not so deadly accent item.

Celtic 3D Trinity Heart Pendant

Item # CE-834-234
Love is a boundless connection that two people can share for a lifetime. Memorialize that notion with the Celtic 3D Trinity Heart Pendant. This dazzling piece of jewelry is a great gift for someone that you care about.

Celtic 3D Trinity Pendant

Item # CE-834-403
Complete your look today with the dazzling Celtic 3D Trinity Pendant. This modern take on an ancient design will definitely enhance your outfit and have admirers wondering how you came across such an elegant item.

Celtic 3D Triskellion Pendant

Item # CE-200-548
The stunning Celtic 3D Triskellion Pendant will jump out at everyone you walk by with its unique design. A wonderful piece of jewelry like this will only make you the center of attention as you proudly wear it in public.

Celtic Arrow Knot Pendant

Item # CE-836-120
The Celtic Arrow Knot Pendant is ideal for those who love Celtic artwork and archery. Inspired by an arrow head, this piece takes that design and incorporates the complex set of lines used to create a triquetra.

Celtic Arrowed Cross Pendant

Item # PS-WZPD966
Displaying the perfect balance of Celtic beauty and modern style, the Celtic Arrowed Cross Pendant shows off an equidistant cross design with intricate knotwork and arrow engravings across all four of the arms.

Celtic Axe Pendant

Item # AST-1141
The Celts were mighty warriors feared in battle by both the Greeks and Romans. You, too, can be feared in battle when you go in wearing the Celtic Axe Pendant around your neck! You will feel brave like a mighty Celtic warrior!

Celtic Birds Dog Tag

Item # SC2462
Every soldier who has served will recognize the modern Celtic Birds Dog Tag, which can accent any look. This battle jewelry accessory can become a treasured addition to your collection that has military influences.

Celtic Butterfly Pendant

Item # CE-834-514
The Celtic Butterfly Pendant is as elegant as it is fashionable. This piece is an excellent idea for anyone who wants to add some style to their wardrobe while showing some appreciation for butterflies and nature.