The Walking Dead Costumes

One day you wake up and the world that you knew is dead. But that does not stop the dead from rising to feast on the living. That is the world portrayed in the hit series The Walking Dead. We offer a line of licensed Walking Dead Costumes that are perfect for transforming anyone into a zombie, or a zombie slayer. Here in this section, you will find two distinctive styles of costumes. The first is the survivor look, which depicts one of the rare individuals who managed to survive the mysterious zombie apocalypse. Based off the looks of pivotal figures in the series, including Rick Grimes, the main protagonist who struggles to find his way and protect his family and his fellow survivors in a world filled with flesh-hungry zombies. The other distinctive look comes from the opposite side of the spectrum and depicts those who have been infected, which transforms them into a flesh hungry zombie of truly terrifying proportions. And the zombie costumes we offer here are quite the intimidating sights, with many of them hailing from The Walking Dead comics, or the hit Walking Dead television series! These costumes are perfect for zombie walks and undead gatherings, and of course, are a hit at Halloween and other costumed events. Plus, we offer a few key accessories, too, that are perfect for completing your Walking Dead costume perfectly. So if you are in the market for a good zombie costume, or if you love the series (either as a comic or as a television series), then perhaps you should shamble on over to The Walking Dead Costumes section here, so that you can gear up for your own zombie apocalypse.
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Indifference Walker Mask

Item # TR-TTAMC116
This licensed Walking Dead mask is sure to be recognized by fans. In the fourth season of The Walking Dead, during an episode title indifference, viewers are introduced to a notable walker in a distressing situation involving Tyreese.

Large Walker Bite Appliance

Item # TR-JMAMC106
It will look like you have been bitten when you use this officially licensed Walking Dead Large Walker Bite Appliance as a part of your costume. This high-quality latex prosthetic features frightening bite marks on bloody flesh.

Mush Walker Mask

Item # TR-TTAMC115
One of the most disgusting and unforgettable walkers from The Walking Dead must be the Mush Walker. With this officially licensed Mush Walker Mask, you can look like this grotesque walker without having to deal with the smell!

Negans Bat Lucille Prop

Item # TR-TTAMC127
This licensed Negans Bat Lucille Prop is a carefully modeled accessory based on the most famous weapon from The Walking Dead universe. The incredibly realistic prop is made from polyurethane foam for a great screen used look and feel.

Rick Grimes Machete Prop

Item # TR-TTAMC114
Carl! You will definitely be able to protect him at your next costume party with this licensed Rick Grimes Machete Prop. This amazing prop made from high quality polyurethane looks like real stainless steel with wood finished hilt.

Shock Walker Mask

Item # TR-TTAMC124
This walker was a tribute to a classic horror zombie knowns as the Shock Monster. In season six of the Walking Dead fans were given a new interpretation, called the Shock Walker, and this officially licensed mask was then created.

W Walker Mask

Item # TR-TTAMC117
A terrifyingly great mask based on a well-known group from season six of the popular AMC show, the W Walker mask is made from latex and covers the entire head when worn. This licensed mask looks like it came straight from the set.

Walker Bite Wound Appliance

Item # TR-TTAMC109
Transform into a walker from the hit television series with this Walking Dead Walker Bite Appliance. This application is an officially licensed product and has been carefully reproduced based on screen references from the series.

Walker Bullet Wound Appliance

Item # TR-TTAMC112
You can look just like a character from the realm of the number one AMC show, The Walking Dead, when you wear the officially licensed Walker Bullet Wound Appliance. During the zombie apocalypse, guns can fall into the wrong hands.

Walker Chest Piece

Item # TR-TTAMC107
No Walking Dead costume could be finished without this amazingly detailed Walker Chest Piece. The zombie chest plate includes a perfect anatomical decaying chest, ribs, and chest cavity that come right off the screen of the AMC show.

Walker Compound Fracture Appliance

Item # TR-JMAMC104
This licensed Walking Dead Walker Compound Fracture Appliance clearly gives the appearance of an exposed, skin-breaking fractured bone. The latex prosthetic was produced using numerous screenshots from the number one AMC show.

Walker Cuts Appliance

Item # TR-TTAMC111
With the officially licensed Walking Dead Walker Cuts Appliance, you can look like a walker straight from the show. These latex injury prosthetics are perfect for those looking to add a gruesome touch to their Walking Dead costume.