Greenman Statues & Collectibles

The greenman has been around for centuries, although his exact origin is not exactly well-known. He has been used in Christian carvings, pagan designs, and more throughout the centuries, making this design a fairly well-traveled one. We offer a number of great greenman styled items for anyone and everyone to enjoy. The typical greenman is fairly non-specific in design, typically only consisting of a face as it peers through some amount of foliage. In fact, this is one of the few consistencies between specific greenmen, as they always have something to do with foliage and nature. Sometimes the foliage is separate, sometimes it is merging with the face, and other times, the face is made up of the same foliage that surrounds it. Our various greenman items come in a wide variety of styles and designs, and that is not just referencing how many different items the greenman appear on. Some of the greenman designs you will find here are happy, and others are sad or even furious. Others are simply faces surrounded by leaves, while others are figures of bark, leaves, and vines, as much a creature of nature as a man. This ensures that no matter what style of greenman you want or whatever emotion you want it to feature, you can likely find it here, and on a variety of objects, too. So if you want a greenman journal to hold all your thoughts, writings, and drawings, you can pick that up here. Or if you want a greenman to sooth you with the sounds of trickling water, you will want to pick up one of our greenman fountains. A greenman tankard is the perfect cup to enjoy beverages from, provided you do not mind the foliate man watching as you drink, just as greenman tiles and scrolls are perfect for putting on display on the walls, shelves, and tables of your home. Shop all greenman statues and collectibles here.

Greenman Statues & Plaques

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First found decorating the facade of an ancient church, the face of the greenman is ambiguous in its roots but makes an appearance throughout ancient history, medieval illustrations, and architecture. We offer an incredible variety of greenman plaques and statues here, all featuring the leafy face of this mysterious forest figure. Our greenman plaques feature greenmen faces surrounded by foliage or even appearing to be made up of foliage themselves. Many are made of high quality cold cast resin and painted by hand, and some are suitable for outdoor display. As the seasons change, so too do the leaves of most trees. As such, we offer greenman items here that fit into winter and fall as well as summer and spring. Check out greenman statues meant to look as though trees have come to life or that look like the face of a gentleman within the bark of a tree. For all our greenman wall plaques and greenman statues, this is the place to shop.

Greenman Candleholders

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Let the captivating expressions of the greenman enchant you as the flame of a small candle illuminates each feature. Our greenman candleholders are perfect for bringing a natural touch to your home decor while enjoying the light of a candle. We carry a range of greenman candleholders here, all featuring greenman faces peeking through leaves or appearing as though they emerge from the bark of a trunk. These greenman home accent pieces are often painted by hand and remarkably detailed for a realistic look. Check out all our greenman candleholder shapes here, ranging from greenman tea light holders and greenman votive holders to greenman candelabra and greenman taper candleholders. Whenever your surroundings need a touch of nature and light, these greenman candleholders are ideal to have in your decor.

Greenman Home Decor & Gifts

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Deep within the forest, you might imagine you see a face within the leaves or the bark of a wizened tree. That is the face of the greenman. Originating back to the medieval ages or even before, this enigmatic icon has appeared on ancient carvings and historical documents, adding to both its mythos and mystery. Our greenman home decor and gifts feature greenman faces in home accents that will add mythic style and sometimes even extra practicality to your surroundings. Here you will find everything from greenman pen holders and greenman scrying bowls to greenman tables with bases like carved statues revealing a visage of tree bark, leaves, and vines. All of our greenman home accents are highly detailed and often painted by hand, ensuring that they all have a stunning appearance, many of them highly realistic. You will also find greenman decor here with a slight fantasy bent to their design, perfect for recreating the feel of an enchanted forest in any room of your home.

Greenman Incense Burners

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With their wise faces and natural charm, our greenman incense burners are perfect for helping you enjoy your favorite stick or cone incense scents. The incense burners here all feature a greenman aspect to their design, whether they take the shape of an ancient tree with a greenman visage crafted within its bark or they simply feature a face of leaves decorating one end. We have horizontal and vertical incense holders as well as backflow incense burners. All our greenman incense burners have incredible details that give them a lifelike appearance, and many have been painted by hand. If your home decor could use the touch of nature with just a hint of enchantment, be sure to take a look through our selection of greenman incense burners here.

Greenman Notebooks & Journals

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The greenman is a motif that has existed since ancient times, appearing on buildings, carvings, and historical documents. Now your writings, too, can feature the face of the greenman when you write in our greenman notebooks and journals! We carry a selection of greenman notebooks and journals perfect for recording your thoughts, writing notes, or even sketching. Many of these greenman notebooks are made of genuine leather and feature swing clasps to secure them shut. Greenman embossing decorates the covers of some of our leather greenman journals. Our unlined, blank page greenman notebooks are not only great for writing or drawing, but they are also fine items to gaze at and add to decor. Shop all our greenman notebooks, greenman journals with clasps, and greenman diaries here.

Greenman Pillows & Blankets

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Feel as though you are slumbering deep in an enchanted forest when you add our greenman pillows and blankets to your home decor. Many of our greenman throw pillows and greenman fleece blankets feature the stunning art of fantasy artists transformed into soft and cozy accents for your home. Show off your taste in medieval and fantasy style when you accent a couch or arm chair with one of our greenman cushions. Our greenman blankets are perfect for adding a bit of warmth or comfort to any room in the house. Whether you love greenman and greenwoman accents for the way they embody the beauty and life of nature, or you simply enjoy the creativity of the artwork featured here, our greenman pillows and blankets make beautiful accent pieces to any space needing just a little more character or coziness.

Greenman Trinket Boxes

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Let the watchful eyes of a greenman guard your jewelry, coins, and other small keepsakes when you place them within one of our greenman trinket boxes. We offer a range of greenman boxes all depicting greenmen or greenwomen in beautiful, mysterious, and useful ways. Here you will find gorgeous, cast bronze greenman trinket boxes decorated with greenman faces in line with each of the four seasons. We also carry a greenman jewelry box with a face that resembles a forest king with his mighty beard made of leaves. Our Celtic greenman boxes are perfect for adding a little historical flair to any room. Some of our greenman trinket boxes and greenman mirror boxes feature the work of artists like Lisa Parker and Anne Stokes that take the magnificence of the mighty greenman to the next level. Whether you are a lover of nature, favor the feel of an enchanted forest, or are interested in the enigmatic roots of greenmen in general, our greenman trinket box category is sure to attract your interest.

Greenman T-Shirts

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The roots of the greenman reach back to ancient times, and the visage of this forest spirit has since been seen decorating the remains of medieval churches. Enigmatic in their origins, greenmen and greenwomen are now often regarded in aspects of mythology, history, and even fantasy. If you are fond of the mystery and beauty surrounding the greenman, our selection of greenman t-shirts is for you. Our greenman t-shirts category has t-shirts that feature the art of fantasy legends such as Lisa Parker and Anne Stokes. Shop here for Oak King t-shirts and green woman t-shirts alike. Our greenman t-shirts are all made of comfortable materials great for everyday wear, and their high quality graphics are wonderfully detailed. If you find yourself enchanted by the artistry of these greenman designs, our greenman t-shirts are perfect for adding a bit of forest spirit style to any wardrobe.
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Greenman Goblet

Item # CC10296
A symbol of rebirth, the natural world, and spring, the Greenman appears in the mythologies of countries around the world. The Greenman Goblet features this deity with his face forming out of the leaves and branches of a tree.