Gothic Earrings

We carry some of the finest gothic earrings around in both single earring and earring set options. These gothic earrings for men and women are the perfect dark accessory for accenting your look, available in a variety of designs like stud earrings, dangle earrings, hoop earrings, and wrap earrings. Our gothic post earrings include designs like playing card suits, skulls, bats, roses, spiders, hearts, and more, while our gothic drop earrings expand the selection to include crosses, ankhs, blood drops, fallen angels, and skeletons. Our gothic single earrings, faux ear stretchers, and ear wraps come in designs to fit the left and right ears, showing off daggers, serpents, razors, stars, scorpions, scythes, and other wicked icons. Our goth earrings are very affordable, making them excellent gifts or personal accessories.
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A Night With Goethe Earwrap

Item # AG-E376
Returning from the grave in search of lost love, the creature roams through the night. Stories of revenants consumed the world of 18th century Europe. Wear A Night With Goethe Ear Wrap and let it whisper to you his tale of horror.

Alchemist Stud Earrings

Item # AG-E147
The Alchemist Stud Earrings are miniature Alchemist skulls for Acolytes who prefer to go incognito. These earrings allow you to show your allegiance to the powers that be while adoring yourself in great gothic fashion.

Ankh of Osiris Drop Earrings

Item # AG-E372
The Egyptian god of life, death, resurrections, and the afterlife, Osiris bequeaths the Breath of Life to those blessed with immortality. The Ankh of Osiris Drop Earrings feature the iconic cross symbol on a short chain.

Arboreus Earwraps

Item # AG-E390
An elf ear, recreated in polished, antiqued pewter. This fey jewelry displays a Victorian gothic fantasy of swirling, verdant flourishes. The Arboreus Earwraps are perfect for Faerie festivals, LARP events, or fantasy conventions.

Awaiting the Eventide Drop Earrings

Item # AG-E373
Roosting vampire bats hang silent and motionless deep within their cave, anticipating the subtle arrival of dusk as the last vestiges of light leave the sky. The Awaiting the Eventide Drop Earrings suspend a pair of upside-down bats.

Bacchanal Rose Earrings

Item # AG-E347
These sumptuous earrings hint at a secret libertine passion for wine and other pleasures with their romantic motif. The Bacchanal Rose Earrings display a single black acrylic rose at the main point of the design on each earring.

Batstuds Earrings

Item # AG-E186
The Batstuds Earring are a subtle accent that allows any nocturnal predator to show off their style. Even if you are human and not vampire, these earrings are a great way to add some vampiric style to your gothic look.

Bed of Blood Roses Single Ear Wrap

Item # AG-E329
A bleeding heart often becomes a broken one. The bleeding heart and the black rose, symbolic of dark love, go well together. Never before have they been as perfectly paired as they are in this Bed of Blood Roses Single Ear Wrap.

Bestia Regalis Earrings

Item # AG-E286
Dragons are a classic element of fantasy. Given a gothic twist in these Bestia Regalis Earrings, they are transformed into an accent that is perfect for fans of medieval lore and gothic style to wear when they want to look powerful.

Black Cherry Skull Stud Earrings

Item # AG-ULFE20
The fruits of a dark labor can be deadly indeed. These Black Cherry Skull Stud Earrings are a modern example of contemporary jewelry that offers a gothic twist, allowing you to sport something that is both cute and dark.

Black Raven Earrings

Item # AG-E333
Odin was never far from his two ravens. Now you can emulate that practice by having two ravens of your own. Soaring just beneath your ears, these Black Raven Earrings are a perfect way to say something distinctive about your style.

Black Rose Ear Wrap

Item # AG-E410
The rose serves as the perfect symbol of romance, its petals signifying the beauty of falling in love and its thorns representing the pain that comes with passion. The Black Rose Ear Wrap allows you to add this symbol to your ensemble.