Department 56 Village Accessories

Make your miniature village the very best with our Department 56 village accessories! This category includes accessory buildings and figurines, like gazebos, town clocks, benches, ponds, woodland creatures, and extra villagers, as well as landscaping and greenery, walls, fences, streets, and more. Now you can add extra snow, trees of all kinds, moss, and more to your display. These holiday village accessories go along with our Department 56 Village collections, and a lot of them are versatile pieces that work for any type of miniature village. We also offer replacement bulbs, power cords, and AC DC adapters to help your village look its best and shine brightly in any room of your house. Give your seasonal village extra detail and a personal touch with these village accessories, and ensure its longevity with replacement parts specifically made for Department 56 buildings and figurines.

Accessory Buildings & Figurines by Department 56

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When setting up your miniature village, you can increase the character and charm of your display with the help of these excellent village accessory buildings and figurines from Department 56. We carry an excellent array of fun village accents like fountains, gazebos, park benches, town clocks, and animated holiday figures to decorate your landscape. These village figurines also include characters and animals to populate your town like a street sweeper, dog walker, woodland creatures, cats, and songbirds. Our Woodland accessories provide a rustic look to your town, while our Uptown and Tudor adopt classic city styling. Peppermint and gumdrop accents add sweet treat fun to any North Pole setting. Come check out the many different options to fill out your village display!

Replacement Bulbs & Power Cords by Department 56

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Keep your holiday village well-lit with the help of these Department 56 lighting accessories! We are happy to provide replacement bulbs and accessory cords designed to work with Department 56 products. Our village light bulbs come in 3V, 12V, and 120V sets. Please make sure to refer to village product packaging to purchase the correct replacement bulb. Our multiple socket power cords make a great way to eliminate single light cords and give a less cluttered look to your town. In addition to Christmas village bulbs and replacement cords, we also carry AC DC power adapters, which make a good option for Department 56 collectibles that have animation or audio effects. Our retrofit unit offers another alternative with a battery-operated lighting device, letting you illuminate your pieces in places that lack a convenient power source nearby. No matter what your need, we aim to make it easy to keep your miniature town in good shape!

Village Landscapes & Trees by Department 56

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Accent your winter wonderland display with fantastic miniature trees, topiaries, artificial snow, and other landscape accessories by Department 56! We are pleased to offer an excellent range of greenery for holiday village sets of all kinds. Our tiny sisal trees feature excellent texture, and many are decorated with frosted tips to mimic freshly fallen snow. Other village trees have been decorated with Christmas ornaments, ribbons, glitter, or lights for a festive appearance. Our resin trees provide an alternate look, coming in green, red, and white designs. Or, North Pole villages can show off quirky gumdrop trees and peppermint trees as cute landscape accents. Potted plants and miniature shrubs are perfect for placing around buildings and park benches in your wintry scene. Bags of our plastic snow and snow blankets ensure that your town will look appropriately frosty, while autumn and springtime moss packages offer alternate seasonal looks. Pick out individual pieces, or enjoy setting up your Christmas village with our landscape kits. Either way, these pieces provide detail and charm to your display!

Village Lighting by Department 56

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Illuminate your holiday village with the cheerful glow of our village street lamps, luminaries, and light strings by Department 56! We carry charming miniature lighting options to suit any wintry scene. Several of our village lampposts display curling wrought iron style, while others are decorated with snowmen, holiday garlands, and other seasonal touches. Village luminaries are perfect for lining the sidewalks and streets of your miniature town, while colorful strings of Christmas lights look fantastic draped around your scene. Other unique holiday lighting options suit North Pole settings perfectly, featuring Nutcracker soldiers, Christmas candles, peppermint candies, and gumdrops in their designs. These village accessories provide charm and realism to your holiday display, so pick out your favorites for your wintry landscape!

Village Walls, Fences, & Streets by Department 56

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Design the look of your holiday town down to the finest details with the help of these Department 56 accessories. Our village streets and walkways will provide paths for your village figurines to stroll down, lined by snowy hedges, picket fences, or stone garden walls. Add a charming village footbridge or set of stairs to your wintry scene, and set off each cottage or shop with an intricate gate. These pieces come in designs suitable for a variety of village landscape styles. Our Uptown and Tudor accessories look fantastic in bustling cities, while the Woodland and Picket Fence motifs offer rural and rustic aesthetics. North Pole villages will look amazing with our Peppermint and Gumdrop Park accents. No holiday village is complete without the perfect landscape accessories, so be sure to pick out your favorites to add to your winter wonderland scene!