Zombie Themed Plastic Weapons

Unless you are going to be facing real zombies, it is probably best to choose plastic weapons to accent your look. What they lack in sharp blades and working parts, they more than make up for with incredible detail. Safer than real weapons, these plastic cleavers, plastic axes, animated chainsaw props, and other plastic tools will help prevent accidental injuries or fatalities among your zombies and survivors. These plastic prop weapons work great for haunted houses, zombie walks, theatrical productions, and costume parties. You can even leave them lying about as decorations for Halloween! Many of these horror props show off blood spatter and gory smears for an extra touch of gruesome goodness. Browse this category to find the perfect Halloween prop for your zombie costume!
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Bloody Axe

Item # FM-63060
There is a reason that the axe has been a favored close combat weapon for hundreds of centuries, and the Bloody Axe is not any different. The life-sized hand axe has a rustic, bloody look that makes it perfect for dispatching a zombie.

Bloody Carving Knife Prop

Item # RC-1053
A staple of the horror genre, this large gory knife makes a fantastic accent to any creepy look. The Bloody Carving Knife Prop displays a realistic appearance that makes the spattered blood even more disturbing to see.

Bloody Cleaver

Item # FM-63058
Ah, a good old meat cleaver. Until a knife is produced that is as common as a kitchen knife yet can split a zombie skull in a single strike, this Bloody Cleaver is likely to remain a standard in zombie killing for years to come.

Bloody Knife

Item # FM-63057
The average, everyday kitchen knife is the most common knife among the populace. These sharp cooking implements can also double as effective zombie killing weapons, as you can see by looking at this Bloody Knife.

Bloody Sickle

Item # FM-63059
If you can believe it, the sickle was once a simple farming implement that was used for harvesting grain. Of course, as the Bloody Sickle shows, the heavy curve and the sharp edge make the sickle a wickedly effective weapon, as well.

Insane Asylum Butcher Cleaver

Item # RC-59048
The perfect costume accessory for demented doctors, evil morticians, and any other psychotic madman, the Insane Asylum Butcher Cleaver adds a dramatic element of horror to any scary and deranged character this Halloween.

Realistic Hypodermic Needle

Item # FM-60178
Do you remember your last shot when the doctor said that this will not hurt a bit? When this Realistic Hypodermic Needle is involved, you cannot say that, because it looks like it is going to hurt and quite a bit at that.