Celtic Rings

Our Celtic rings are suitable for men and women. We have a great variety of sizes available, as well as styles. We offer many different rings with Celtic knotwork and some styles featuring the popular Claddagh symbol, trinity knots and colorful cubic zirconia stones. Many of our Celtic rings are made from the finest pewter or sterling silver, and we even offer some styles in gold. These rings make a lovely gift and are suitable for any occasion.
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Alternating Triquetra Band

Item # WH-S02507
Enjoy the iconic look of Celtic knotwork by showing off the classic design of the Alternating Triquetra Band. This sterling silver ring displays a simple threefold knot that alternates back and forth as it forms the band.

Brigid Cross Ring

Item # PS-TRI894
Drawn from the story of a patron saint of Ireland, the Brigid Cross Ring honors Saint Brigid with impeccable style and form. This cultural accessory brings together classic pagan motifs with the Catholic touches this saint upheld.

Celtic Arrow Knotwork Ring

Item # PS-WZTR1896
Providing mute testimony of the eternal nature of the world, Celtic knots appear as a staple of traditional designs. The Celtic Arrow Knotwork Ring displays an intricate knot detail at the top with arrows along the band.

Celtic Circle Silver Ring with Stone

Item # PS-TRI086
From the rope of Celtic knotwork embracing the Emerald colored stone centerpiece to the Claddagh design engraved on the side, this ring is a beautiful tribute to Celtic heritage and a stunning accent to show off and wear.

Celtic Claddagh Birthstone Ring

Item # PS-WZRI935
Perfect for symbolizing love, friendship, and loyalty, the Claddagh depicts hands holding a crowned heart. The Celtic Claddagh Birthstone Ring features a colorful gemstone in place of the heart in the design.

Celtic Cross Medallion Ring

Item # PS-TRI1316
Featuring classic cultural motifs, the Celtic Cross Medallion Ring is the ideal way to incorporate Celtic flair into your everyday life. With its sterling silver build, this Celtic ring combines traditional elements with modern style!

Celtic Dragons Silver Ring

Item # PS-TR842
For a sterling silver band that is engraved with dragons and a unique Celtic design look no further than the Celtic Dragons Silver Ring. It is perfect for adding a touch of appeal and fantasy to almost any look.

Celtic Eternal Knot Gemstone Ring

Item # PS-WZRI167
Celtic knotwork, as seen in the Celtic Eternal Knot Gemstone Ring, has long been a beautiful and compelling way to represent eternity with its ancient roots that have carried the symbolism to modern times.

Celtic Flower Knotwork Band

Item # PS-WZRI874
Frequently, Celtic designs take their inspiration from the natural world, reflecting it in the symbolism of the knotwork patterns. The Celtic Flower Knotwork Band displays intricate flower knots among interwoven triquetra knots.

Celtic Four Point Knot Ring

Item # PS-TRI655
The four point knot, or Quaternary knot, is a traditional Celtic knot representing four fold concepts such as the four cardinal directions or the four earth elements. Embrace these concepts with the Celtic Four Point Knot Ring.

Celtic Gem Ring

Item # WR-CGR
If you are looking for a piece of jewelry with impressive historical style, than look no further than this Celtic Gem Ring. This attractive accessory comes in a blister back with a full-colored front and historical data on the back.

Celtic Heart and Knotwork Ring

Item # PS-TR1766
The Celtic Heart is a mute symbol of the inner passion that burns beneath the surface. In ancient times, it was not always wise to express love and passion openly, so the Celts designed the woven knotwork heart to speak for them.