Fantasy Signs

Do you ever just want to be whisked away into a setting unlike any you have ever known? Lose yourself in a beautiful world straight from a far off tale of fantasy? With our fantasy signs, you can do just that! Immense details and vibrant colors make each one a stellar piece to own, one that is just waiting to bring a story into your home! Depicting scenes straight out of fantasy and fiction, these hardy steel signs bring a touch of Americana and industrial style while also delivering a beautiful piece of artwork that you can hang and enjoy with ease! Touches of vintage finishing and faint patina make each sign a stunning home accent. Dragons, elves, demons, fairies, and more abound in the artwork as well, ensuring that no matter your preferences, there is certainly a sign for you! These fantasy art wall signs are a perfect blending of medieval and modern, of non-fiction and fantasy, and the best part is that they go well in practically any style of decor! So if you want to infuse some fantasy into your surroundings, let our selection of fantasy signs transport you to a world of endless possibilities!
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Always Metal Fairy Sign

Item # LD-10040
Fairy queens fight beside their soldiers when they go to battle, and so the warrior queen seen in the Always Metal Fairy Sign must swear before her coronation to always help defend her subjects, even if doing so costs her life.

Aurelia Mermaid Metal Sign

Item # LD-10018
Considering how beautiful mermaids are said to be, it is no surprise that the one featured in the Aurelia Mermaid Metal Sign has so many friends! Four of her closest goldfish friends are hanging out with her in this image.

Aveliad Metal Fairy Sign

Item # LD-10041
Fairy parties are elegant affairs, complete with costumes and fine dining. The Aveliad Metal Fairy Sign depicts a patron of one such party as she walks through the snow in her masquerade mask, her wolf companion by her side.

Believe Fairy by Amy Brown

Item # CC8420
The Believe Fairy by Amy Brown does not say much, but then again, she does not have to. This hanging sign simply reads BELIEVE, while a colorful fairy sits just beneath it, content to watch as others read the sign and interpret it.
$24.00 $21.60

Beware of Pirates Sign

Item # GB-W-2181
WARNING! The area you are in contains pirates. Our Beware of Pirates Sign is all the warning you will need before engaging with dangerous folk. Made from corrugated metal, this stark white, red, and black sign is a must have.

Biohazard Warning Sign

Item # PT-V519
If there is one thing to be truly wary of, it is a biohazard. Luckily, with this Biohazard Warning Sign, you can create awareness and hopefully avoid any possible world-altering disasters like mutant uprisings or zombie outbreaks.
$17.10 $15.39

Birth of a Star Metal Fairy Sign

Item # LD-10019
Science may say that stars are born in the hearts of nebulae, but in the world of fairies, there is the story of the moon fairy that touches the sky and leaves stars behind. The Birth of a Star Metal Fairy Sign depicts this fairy.

Black Forest Vintage Gothic Sign

Item # PT-NTS-T104
This is one telling of Little Red Riding Hood that is not for children! This Black Forest Vintage Gothic Sign takes inspiration from the well-known tale and adds a dark sense of horror to the story by turning the wolf into a monster.
$25.00 $15.00

Blessed Fallout Vintage Gothic Sign

Item # PT-NTS-T114
A surrealist sort of style makes this Blessed Fallout Vintage Gothic Sign an incredible piece to add to your collection. Atomic fire and holy light become one as a nun clasps her hands in prayer while faced with a thermo-nuclear blast.
$25.00 $15.00

Blood Moon Gothic Fantasy Sign

Item # LD-10071
Being a vampire will change your body in many ways, and while you will always be strong during the night, the night of a blood moon will always make you stronger. The vampire in the Blood Moon Gothic Fantasy Sign is powered up!

Bloodlust Dragon Metal Sign

Item # LD-10000
The beast shown in the Bloodlust Dragon Metal Sign has finally crossed the line, and so the brave prince is out for blood! Gaze upon the most dangerous hunt when you hang this epic sign in your home, completing your dragon decor.

Blue Dream Metal Fairy Sign

Item # LD-10038
As she sits deep in thought on her floating bubble, the fairy in the Blue Dream Metal Fairy Sign looks down at the world below her on a nearly cloudless day. Based on the artwork of Nene Thomas, this fairy art piece is a must have!