Peasants during medieval times often worked as farmers or serfs, while others were blacksmiths, millers, and tavern keepers. Peasants served as the backbone of medieval society, working the land leased to them by wealthy landowners of the nobility. They produced all the food in their society and paid most of the taxes. Today, we provide an excellent selection of peasant clothing and peasant armour that will give anyone fantastic medieval style. Our peasant apparel includes many authentic looks that work well for Renaissance fairs, theatrical productions, LARP events, and costume parties. Our leather armour provides other excellent options for reenacting uprisings and medieval battles. Take a moment to browse, and you are sure to find many things of interest!

Peasant Armour

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Peasants during medieval times did not wear much armour due to the cost, which limited them to leather protection and piecemeal metal armour. Leather armour could be crafted from the hides of farm animals such as cows or wild animal hides from bison and deer. These hides were skinned and dried out by the sun before being formed into pieces like leather breastplates and leather bracers. We carry an excellent assortment of simple medieval armour that suits peasant styles, including steel gorgets, suede brigandines, and wrist cuffs, as well as traditional leather armour. This plain peasant armour works well for the Renaissance fair, costume parties, theatrical productions, and LARP events.

Peasant Clothing

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Peasant clothing was usually made of rough wool or linen spun or woven by the women of the family. Men wore tunics and long stockings or leggings to keep them warm as they worked the fields, while women wore long dresses and chemises as they toiled in the home. During the winter months, peasants made use of simple cloaks, woolen hats, and mittens. We carry authentic peasant apparel to give you the look of a commoner from the medieval era. Our inventory includes a wide range of medieval clothing, such as peasant blouses, peasant skirts, medieval shirts, hosen, leather belts, hooded cloaks, linen underdresses, peasant gowns, peasant boots, and more. These pieces come in a range of colors, materials, and sizes, ensuring that everyone can find excellent peasant attire for the Renaissance fair, theatrical productions, LARP events, or costume parties.