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Whether you are looking for a tactical Batman backpack to carry your essentials on your next mission or a stylish Wonder Woman handbag that will let everyone know who your favorite heroine is, you are sure to find the superhero bag you need in our selection of DC Comics bags, backpacks, and purses. From Batman messenger bags to Harley Quinn knapsacks, we have a DC Comics bag that will suit your style and needs. Shop licensed bags based on Dawn of Justice, Batman V Superman, and other hit films from the comic book giant here, and even trick-or-treat pails for Halloween. Our DC Comics bags feature the emblems and color schemes of iconic heroes and villains alike, so no matter your favorite character, you will definitely want to take a look through this ever-growing category.
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Harley Quinn Mini Trifold Wallet

Item # BM-0289
Mischievous and maniacal, Harley Quinn has become a popular villain in the DC Universe since her first appearance on Batman The Animated Series. This Harley Quinn Mini Trifold Wallet adds a bit of supervillain style to your look.
$17.00 $15.30

Superman Bi-Fold Wallet

Item # BM-0299
Unless you can fly, it is impractical to store your belongings at the Fortress of Solitude. For the rest of us, this Superman Bi-Fold Wallet provides an attractive way to carry your essentials and show your superhero support.
$17.00 $15.30

Wonder Woman Backpack

Item # BM-0405
In her fight with Ares, Wonder Woman demonstrated the strength of an Amazon. You may not have supervillains to deal with, but you sure need that strength to carry all those books! Luckily, the Wonder Woman Backpack is here to lend a hand.
$70.00 $63.00

Wonder Woman Top Zip Wallet

Item # BM-0392
The Wonder Woman Top Zip Wallet is the perfect accessory for those who are excited about the new cinematic Wonder Woman adventure, featuring actress Gal Gadot. There is something for any Wonder Woman fan in this zip top wallet.
$30.00 $27.00