Viking Rings

We offer a great selection of Viking rings that are perfect for crafting a stylish look. These Nordic rings feature intricate details such as Viking knotwork and runes, as well as elements drawn from Norse mythology. Several of our pieces are replicas of authentic rings found in historical burial sites and treasure hoards. The designs and sizes in this category suit both men and women well. These Scandinavian rings are carefully crafted from a variety of materials including pewter, sterling silver, and gold plating, giving you a number of great options for your look.
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Borre Silver Ring with Ellipse Gem

Item # PS-TRI574
Vikings used symmetrical braiding similar to that of Celtic knots to decorate things like jewelry, belt fittings, and wood work. You can own a ring inspired by this style with the Borre Silver Ring with Ellipse Gem.

Bronze Odin Valknut Signet Ring

Item # DD-ZRI-1334
Ancient Norse sagas say the All-Father Odin sacrificed one of his eyes in order to gain infinite wisdom. The Bronze Odin Valknut Signet Ring features the stylized, one-eyed visage of the powerful Norse god upon its oval shaped face.

Bronze Raven Banner Ring

Item # DD-ZRI-1333
The Bronze Raven Banner Ring shows the symbolic flag used by various Viking chieftains during the 9th to 11th centuries. The rounded, faintly triangular face of the Norse ring shows a raven flying above a pattern of triquetra knots.

Bronze Thor Hammer Ring

Item # DD-ZRI-1335
In Norse mythology, Thor is known as the god of thunder, lightning, storms, strength, protection, oak trees, healing and fertility. The Bronze Thor Hammer Ring displays the tool with which he makes thunder and protects mankind.

Dragon Scroll Tungsten Ring

Item # AST-1064
The dragon was a revered figure in Viking mythology, appearing often in the jewelry and artwork of the Norse. Honored for its ferocity and fearlessness, the beast of the Dragon Scroll Tungsten Ring lends power and elegance to any look.

Gold Inlay Viking Ring

Item # DS-4006
Sometimes, it is the smallest touches that can create the biggest effects. This Gold Inlay Viking Ring is the perfect way to add the quality of gleaming gold and the appeal of Viking design into your daily or special event wear.

Golden Dragon Scroll Tungsten Ring

Item # AST-1063
Let the art and lore of the Vikings add power and elegance to any look with the Golden Dragon Scroll Tungsten Ring. The fantastic reptilian beast that decorates its wide band was a revered figure in classic Norse myth and legend.

Pewter Rune Gem Ring

Rune inscriptions are a simple alphabet used by early Germanic peoples such as the Vikings. The Pewter Rune Gem Ring features a colorful accent gem on top of the gleaming pewter band, which includes a small opening in the back.

Pewter Rune Ring

Item # WR-RRP
The runes left behind by Viking cultures are much more than just a system of writing. This Pewter Rune Ring features a sample of runic lettering, and comes on a full-color blister card that features information on Viking runes.

Pewter Viking Ring

Item # WR-VRP
Replicating the design of an actual historical ring found at a Viking burial site in Sweden, the Pewter Viking Ring offers a simple yet elegant Viking accessory for your favorite outfits that works great for both men and women.

Pewter Viking Twist Ring

Item # WR-VTRP
Jewelry appeared in Viking culture as a status distinguisher, mainly seen in the apparel of the upper classes. Men and women both wore metal jewelry, potentially similar to the design of the Pewter Viking Twist Ring.

Stainless Steel Viking Scrollwork Ring

Item # DS-4005
The perfect ring is one that showcases your unique style, is comfortable to wear all day, and is resistant to scratches and blemishes. This Stainless Steel Viking Scrollwork Ring has everything you are looking for in a piece of jewelry.