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Tudor Clothing

If you are looking for a line of Renaissance clothing that is fit for royalty, then you are in luck! We carry Tudor clothing in historically accurate styles that are perfect for the Ren fair, costume parties, or theatrical performances. Our Tudor apparel includes pieces for kings and queens, such as designs inspired by figures like King Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, and other members of the royal court. Some pieces are even inspired by the Showtime television series, The Tudors. Each piece of Tudor attire is designed with comfort and ease of wear in mind. With items like Tudor gowns, Renaissance shirts, hosen, brocade trousers, velveteen robes, silk chemises, and royal doublets to choose from, you will be sure to find excellent pieces to finish your regal ensemble.
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Anjou Gown

Item # 100998
The romance of the early renaissance is captured in this courtly gown. The Anjou Gown has rich brocades, lavish trims, period rounded shoulders, and an elegant lace up back, all adding to the overall beauty of this piece.

Aramis Doublet

Item # 101498
Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to this elegant vest. After all, the Aramis Doublet features a look, a cut, and a style that fits perfectly into just about any time frame, allowing anyone to look regal and dashing.

Avon Jupon Gown

Item # SS-AVON
The Avon Jupon is from the early 1500s Flanders, which was considered part of northern France. Lacing on each side of the bodice makes it possible to feast and still fit this dress. Laces from the wrist to elbow provide a snug fit.

Comedia del Arte Gown

Item # 101697
During the 16th Century, as the Renaissance was spreading across Europe, plays known as comedias del arte began to gain popularity. Those days may be gone, but you can still look as lovely as a Columbina with the Comedia del Arte Gown.

Elegant Tudor Dress

Item # MCI-426
The Elegant Tudor Dress combines a beautiful cream colored floral pattern brocade with a deep red satin center. Unique sleeves and a lace-up back make this Renaissance dress a fantastic option for your next historic reenactment event.

Elegant Tudor Dress

Item # MCI-344
Sometimes, it is not the most ornate dress that is the most beautiful. Sometime, it is the most appropriate dress for the moment. For those casual yet classy moments in reenactment, nothing serves better than this Elegant Tudor Dress.

Elizabethan Ruff Collar

Item # 101701
If you think of Tudor England, those puffy frill collars certainly come to mind. Originally made to enforce posture, they later became symbols of wealth. With the Elizabethan Ruff Collar, you can look just as regal without the stiffness.

German Gown

Item # SS-GERM
This c. 1525 gown is made of an outer gown of cotton velveteen lined in satin and an inset of cotton velveteen. The inset is worn over the Classic Chemise. The inset provides a lift for your bosom and holds in your tummy.

Gold Velvet Renaissance Tudor Gown

Item # MCI-122
The Gold Velvet Renaissance Tudor Gown made from a golden high quality velvet fabric with baroque damask and fully lined. This Gold Velvet Renaissance Tudor Gown is great for Medieval Weddings, Renaissance Fairs and Medieval re-enactments.

High Collared Elizabethan Blouse

Item # 101156
This high collared period blouse is manufactured in soft, white cotton. The open triangular front gives just a hint of seductiveness, while maintaining an air of modesty. It also has a lace trimmed cuffs with brass buttons.


Item # SS-HOSE
Watch any group of women drop what they are doing as a man in hosen walks by. Yes, women love a man in a pair of hosen! Our hosen are made of 92 percent cotton, 8 percent Lycra. The cotton breathes while the Lycra clings to your shape.

Italian Doublet

This doublet is from paintings by Caravaggio, The Calling of St. Matthew and The Cardsharps. The trim makes your shoulders look broad and narrows your waist, and the slashed sleeves provide plenty of cavalier style!