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Roman Statues & Collectibles

The heroes, deities, and historical figures of ancient Rome can be welcomed into your home when you shop our Roman statues and collectibles category. Here you will find all our high quality statues, busts, wall decor, and more featuring the gods, goddesses, heroes, emperors, and soldiers of Roman history and legend. We carry cast bronze statues of Fortuna as well as Roman chariot statues and statues of famous figures like Julius Caesar here. Our statues come in a range of sizes and finishes, some brightly colored and painted by hand while others have hand finished metallic tones. For those interested in Roman history or mythology, as well as those simply looking for an impressive addition to collections and home decor, our variety of Roman statues and collectibles simply cannot be beat!

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Acanthus Double Leaf Table Base

Item # OL-F8447
The acanthus leaf was an iconic aspect of Greek and Roman architecture. Bring this beautiful historic motif to your own indoor or outdoor decor when you use the Acanthus Double Leaf Table Base to create your own unique table.

Acanthus Leaf Table Base

Item # OL-F9303
The Acanthus Leaf Table Base brings the beauty of Greco-Roman architecture and artistry to your home or garden. This historical table base has scrolling limbs with acanthus leaf details adding a natural touch to the decadent design.

Attacking Roman Soldier Statue

Item # CC12356
With ferocious resolve, this warrior takes a jab at his foe. The Attacking Roman Soldier Statue provides a glimpse into ancient warfare in fine detail, depicting an armored fighter hand painted in antiqued silver and bronze colors.

Bacchus of Pisa Wall Plaque

Item # OL-FS6919
The Roman god Bacchus was a god of wine, agriculture, and wild festivity. The Bacchus of Pisa Wall Plaque shows the bearded face of the Roman deity surrounded by clusters of grapes and leaves, perfect for accenting your garden wall.

Birth of Venus Statue

Item # CC8444
The Birth of Venus Statue is based on a painting of the same name by the famous Italian painter, Sandro Botticelli. This amazing statue depicts the Roman goddess Venus in all her glory, as she stands atop a single seashell.

Bronze Goddess Fortuna Statue

Item # WU-1750
Fortuna was the Roman goddess of fortune, chance, and prosperity. She was one of the most popular Roman deities during the reign of Servius Tullius in the 5th century BC. This Bronze Goddess Fortuna Statue makes a lovely gift.

Bronze Hadrian Statue

Item # WU-1929
The Roman emperor Hadrian was known for his love of traveling and his benevolent reign, earning him a place among the Five Good Emperors. You can pay homage to this gracious ruler when you put the Bronze Hadrian Statue on display.

Bronze Lady Justice Statue

Item # CC8981
Justice is beautiful and blind. This Bronze Lady Justice Statue depicts her in her classic form, that of a lovely woman wearing a blindfold. In one hand, she holds a sword. From the other hangs a scale representing her authority.

Bronze Roman Chariot Statue

Item # WU-1165
Chariots have been used as far back as far as 3000 B.C. The Romans favored them as ceremonial vehicles, convenient transportation, and as weapons. The Bronze Roman Chariot Statue depicts a warrior behind the chariots reins.

Bronze Winged Victory Statue

Item # SC8078
The Bronze Winged Victory Statue is NOT a re-named recreation of the classic Winged Victory of Samothrace Statue. Instead, it is an independent interpretation of mythology depicting the winged Greek goddess of victory herself, Nike.

Caesar Augustus Statue - 83 Inches

Item # OL-FDS150
First emperor of the ancient Roman Empire, Caesar Augustus enjoys a complex legacy even to this day. Bring the power of this mighty ruler into your own domain with the Caesar Augustus Statue, standing nearly seven feet tall.

Carrara Marble Roman Chariot Statue

Item # OL-100597
The Carrara Marble Roman Chariot Statue adds splendid historical detail to your collections and decor. With his two horses wild against the reins, the Roman soldier rides forth with cape flared behind and crested helmet on his head.