Pirate Coins

Known for amassing great wealth as they sailed the Spanish Main and Caribbean, pirates have become indelibly linked with many historical coins. Now you can bring home your own pirate booty! We carry excellent pirate coin replicas, including golden doubloons and Pieces of Eight. Other pieces of our pirate treasure coins show off designs inspired by famous swashbucklers like Bartholomew Roberts and Blackbeard. Each buccaneer coin features fantastic detail, crafted from fine materials. These replica coins are great for collectors and pirate enthusiasts alike, and the swashbuckler coins also make wonderful props for theatrical productions, the Renaissance fair, and costume parties when stowed in a fine leather pouch.
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100 Gold Shields

Item # OD73
100 Gold Shields Centen was coined during the reign of Felipe IV in 1637. The 100 Gold Shields is a great item to add to your replica coin collection or to take to reenactments. This single coin features amazing details and is made by Denix.

150 Small Golden Pirate Coins

Item # CH-CSG
So, you have decided to commit to a life at sea, sailing the Caribbean and pillaging and plundering merchant ships. You are going to need some treasure to start with, so grab yourself a bag of 150 Small Golden Pirate Coins and set sail!

150 Small Silver Pirate Coins

Item # CH-CSS
The treasure of a pirate is often more than just gold coins, there are silver coins in there too! The 150 Small Silver Pirate Coins will add a flair of silver booty to your treasure chest, so set sail and get to plundering and pillaging!

4 Escudo Gold Doubloon Replica Coin

Item # CH-CRSGD4
Next to rum and the open sea, a pirates favorite thing in the world is treasure! You can begin to amass your treasure with the 4 Escudo Gold Doubloon Replica Coin! Its shiny, golden colored surface is perfect for a pirates hoard!

50 Large Golden Pirate Coins

Item # CH-CLG
A pirate is measured by three things- how cruel they are, how many ships they take, and how much treasure they amass. You can start on your road to a large fortune with these 50 Large Golden Pirate Coins! All you need now is a chest!

50 Large Silver Pirate Coins

Item # CH-CLS
When it comes to money pirates are not picky people. Sure, they prefer gold, but they would never turn down these 50 Large Silver Pirate Coins! Silver is just as useful at buying things as gold, and these bust pesos can be broken up!

50 Mixed Pirate Treasure Coins

Item # WR-200PTC
This Set of Pirate Coins is a mix of 2 lots of 25 reproduction coins. This set includes 25 gold doubloons and 25 silver Reales. All our coins are made from pewter that is either antiqued or gold plated.

75 Medium Golden Pirate Coins

Item # CH-CMG
Pirates love their gold doubloons more than any of their other treasures! Gold is incredibly valuable to them, so these 75 Medium Golden Pirate Coins are something you will need while you are journeying across the Caribbean seas!

75 Medium Silver Pirate Coins

Item # CH-CMS
Silver is a popular metal to trade with, making it a popular treasure for pirates! With silver bust pesos, like what is seen in the 75 Medium Silver Pirate Coins, you could buy anything you could possibly need to sail the open seas!

8 Reales Bust Peso Replica Coin

Item # CH-CRSBP8
The Spanish bust peso was capable of being broken into 8 pieces, earning it the nickname Piece of 8. Like the name of the 8 Reales Bust Peso Replica Coin suggests, this silver coin was worth 8 Spanish Reales when whole!

8 Reales Pillar Dollar Replica Coin

Item # CH-CRSPD8
Before the Escudo and the Peseta, the Spanish currency was the Real. The pillar dollar, which came after the Real, was worth 8 Reales at its largest size, like the 8 Real Pillar Dollar Replica Coin, and 1 Real at its smallest.

8 Reales Silver Cob Replica Coin

Item # CH-CRSSC8
Typically, after it was traded for something, the owner of a Spanish silver cob would melt it down for the silver. This is why the 8 Reales Silver Cob Replica has such an unusual shape, as they were made to be temporary coins.