Mytholon Swords

Mytholon carries a number of stage combat swords made of spring steel that are perfect for staged fights and performances of combat. We offer a range of Mytholon swords here based on various sword types from history. Here you will find Viking swords, Norman swords, knight swords, Crusader swords, and more, all made to high standards for stage combat. These Mytholon swords are sure to impress an audience while keeping things safe with blunted blades and rounded tips. When you need a sword that will impress with its appearance and construction, but still remain safe for a stage fight, our Mytholon stage combat swords are ideal.
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Arnold Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY100593
With the Arnold Stage Combat Sword in your hand, fend off your foes while wowing your audience. This spring steel stage combat sword features an authentic medieval appearance that has been made safe for performance and costume use.

Balduin Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY100594
Like a fearsome 11th century Norman warrior, you battle your enemies with stalwart defiance. With the Balduin Stage Combat Sword in hand, your stage fight is safe without sacrificing an impressively authentic medieval appearance.

Edwin Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY100606
Arm yourself for a knightly adventure when you carry the Edwin Stage Combat Sword in hand. Designed for realistic stage fighting and historical costume use, this stage combat sword is inspired by the blades of early medieval knights.

Godegisel Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY100613
Defend your territory against any foe with the Godegisel Stage Combat Sword. This fearsome blade, inspired by the swords of ancient Germanic warriors, has been made safe for stage combat with its blunted edges and rounded tip.

Hans Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY100616
Vanquish your foes with honor and strength as you wield the Hans Stage Combat Sword. Made of high-quality spring steel with a stylish wooden grip, this stage combat weapon is inspired by the swords typical of medieval knights.

Oswald Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY100645
Armed with the Oswald Stage Combat Sword, you are fit to enter the fray, defend the kingdom, or face of against your greatest foe. Whatever the cause of your staged battle, this spring steel combat sword is ready for the challenge.

Thorleif Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY100669
For characters as fierce as ancient Viking warriors, the Thorleif Stage Combat Sword is the ideal weapon to wield. Add authentic ferocity and style to performances and historical costumes with this blunted spring steel blade.

Tjure Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY100670
With the Tjure Stage Combat Sword in hand as you charge into battle, you feel no fear. Modeled after historic Viking swords, this realistic stage combat weapon has a blunted blade and rounded tip for safe performance and costume use.