Medieval & German Beer Steins

We offer a wide selection of medieval steins and German beer steins of great quality. Many of these beer steins are made of pewter or stoneware with beautiful raised-relief and applied decoration. These steins are not only great collectible pieces, they are fully functional and ready to be used. Our beer steins are perfect for medieval-themed weddings, Renaissance fairs, feasts, and any other special occasions. Drink in style with our new medieval and German beer steins.
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Albrecht Durer Miniature Beer Stein

Item # CG5084
The Albrecht Durer Miniature Beer Stein is crafted from pewter and features a raised-relief decoration. The body design consists of four subject panels depicting works by this famous Renaissance painter and engraver.

Antique Theatre Stein

Item # CG6577
Displaying a traditional theatre scene in raised relief, this German stoneware stein is hand painted in antique style colors. The Antique Theatre Stein depicts men and women in medieval clothing, gathered for an open air performance.

Archangel Michael Beer Stein

Item # CG3935
Three cast pewter angel heads with gold-leaf wings are applied along the flared base of the Archangel Michael Beer Stein. On the pewter lid, Michael the Archangel appears in full armor with golden wings, sword, and shield.

Black Heraldic Eagle Stein

Item # CG6206
A raised relief pewter version of the Prussian eagle is the focal point of this stoneware stein. Wrapped around the Black Heraldic Eagle Stein is a decal of the history of the German eagle from 300 A.D., condensed into fifteen panels.

Classic Pewter Stein

Item # CG5074
Displaying a classic shape with a pedestal base, the Classic Pewter Stein is ideal for personalized engraving. This pewter lidded mug features a crescent shaped thumblift which is repeated with a pinky rest at the base of the handle.

Cobalt Blue Deutschland Stein

Item # CG4457
Displaying several German landmarks and iconic scenes, this Cobalt Blue Deutschland Stein makes a fantastic gift for anyone intrigued by German history and culture. The raised design wraps around the body of this stoneware stein.

Crusaders Beer Stein

Item # CG3937
The Crusaders Beer Stein is a beautiful stein crafted from stoneware with a raised-relief and applied decoration. A pewter relief five-panel mural of Leaders of the 1st to 5th Crusades wraps around the black glazed stoneware body.

Crystal Beer Stein

Item # CG5618
The Crystal Beer Stein features hand cut engraved designs with a hops and grain theme to complement your favorite brew. Made from solid crystal, this German beer stein is fitted with a flat pewter lid and a hop flower thumblever.

Cut Crystal Stein

Item # CG5610
The Cut Crystal Stein features hand cut engraved designs with a hops and grain theme that will be loved by any brewing enthusiast! Made from solid crystal, this German beer stein is fitted with a flat pewter lid and thumblever.

Deutschland Eagle Stein

Item # CG6467
Displaying the Imperial eagle of Germany in pewter against a stark black background, this Deutschland Eagle Stein makes a stunning addition to any collection. The pewter eagle crest is framed by scrollwork highlighted in gold.

Deutschland Pewter Eagle Stein

Item # CG6480
The Imperial eagle of Germany is displayed in pewter against a black background and framed in gold. This Deutschland Pewter Eagle Stein is hand painted in vibrant colors to bring out every detail of the raised relief city motifs.

Durer Starbottom Stein

Item # CG5367
This glass starbottom stein features a detailed pewter medallion showing Albrecht Duerers famous engraving, Knight, Death and the Devil. The Duerer Starbottom Stein features a flat pewter lid with thumblift, suitable for engraving.