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LARP Shields

Great for LARP or as a lightweight prop for medieval and fantasy cosplays, shop our foam shields here at Medieval Collectibles. Check out shields in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to suit characters from Celtic warriors and medieval knights to wicked orcs, serene elves, and even LARP shields inspired by characters and factions of popular fantasy. Proclaim your allegiance on the battlefield with our colorful foam LARP shields, or put your trust in a Viking foam LARP shield expertly crafted in the likeness of real wood. Browse Forgotten Dreams LARP shields, Epic Armoury LARP shields, and other preferred brands here to find sturdy and authentic looking defenses for your next skirmish. Many are coated with latex for longevity, while others are uncoated for the intention of customization and for sensitive skin. The tough foam constructions used in these shields are highly resistant to shredding, making them awesome choices for live action roleplay combat. From elegantly historical to out of this world fantastic, you are sure to find a LARP shield that suits your tastes and needs here.
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Ancient Roman LARP Shield

Item # FD-1006
Keep your guard up in battle with the Ancient Roman LARP Shield. Made of shred resistant foam and displaying a vibrant red color, this LARP shield is ideal for defending yourself during Roman-inspired live action roleplay activities.

Berengar Quarterly Shield Cover

Item # MY100388
The Berengar Quarterly Shield Cover is specifically intended to fit the LARP Berengar Shield (MY100386). This sturdy cotton canvas shield cover features two contrasting colors divided into quadrants for an authentic medieval look.

Berengar Shield

Item # MY100386
Made from a thick uncoated weapon foam, the Berengar Shield is a LARP essential. The versatile rectangular design makes it excellent for blocking the attacks of opponents, and the corners of the shield are given a rounded look.

Berengar Shield Cover

Item # MY100387
Designed to perfectly fit the foam LARP Berengar Shield (MY100386), the Berengar Shield Cover is available in a multitude of bright medieval colors, ideal for easily adding style and distinction to the front of your shield.

Berengar Two Color Shield Cover

Item # MY100389
When it comes to distinguishing your LARP shield from the rest, try the Berengar Two Color Shield Cover. Made from cotton canvas, this medieval shield cover is colorful, sturdy, and easy to both attach and detach to your shield.

Black and Gold Ready For Battle LARP Buckler

Item # MCI-3059
Make sure you stand out on the field of battle by carrying a distinctive shield that your fellow warriors will recognize. The Black and Gold Ready For Battle Buckler displays a design that is simple yet eye-catching.

Black and Gold Ready For Battle LARP Kite Shield

Item # MCI-3057
Intimidate your enemies in battle with the look of this solid black kite shield on your arm! The Black and Gold Ready For Battle Kite Shield shows off a golden strip around the edge, simulated to look like riveted metal.

Black and Gold Ready For Battle Round LARP Shield

Item # MCI-3064
This fantastic round LARP shield provides the protection you need in the heat of battle along with a striking design. The Black and Gold Ready For Battle Round Shield displays a solid black center to intimidate your enemies.

Black Eagle LARP Heater Shield

Item # NP-G-SH06
Eagles have appeared in heraldry to symbolize courage, strength, and immortality. Inspired by the imperial banner of the Holy Roman Emperor, this Black Eagle LARP Heater Shield also makes a fantastic addition to any costume ensemble.

Black Roman Cavalry LARP Shield

Item # MCI-3010
Grab your sword and fall into rank with the Black Roman Cavalry LARP Shield. You cannot head into battle without the essentials, so complete your costume with this realistic shield that balances looks with function.

Blue LARP Elven Shield

Item # MCI-3310
Guard yourself against harm under the assurance that comes with Elven smithing when you bring the Blue LARP Elven Shield into battle! Made from a hard EVA foam, this elegant shield will aid you in deflecting enemy sword blows.

Celtic Braced LARP Shield

Item # MCI-3049
Deflect another blow and send your enemy crashing to the ground with the Celtic Braced LARP Shield. This LARP weapon follows a traditional design inspired by the wooden shields used by various cultures during the early Middle Ages.