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Greenman T-Shirts

The roots of the greenman reach back to ancient times, and the visage of this forest spirit has since been seen decorating the remains of medieval churches. Enigmatic in their origins, greenmen and greenwomen are now often regarded in aspects of mythology, history, and even fantasy. If you are fond of the mystery and beauty surrounding the greenman, our selection of greenman t-shirts is for you. Our greenman t-shirts category has t-shirts that feature the art of fantasy legends such as Lisa Parker and Anne Stokes. Shop here for Oak King t-shirts and green woman t-shirts alike. Our greenman t-shirts are all made of comfortable materials great for everyday wear, and their high quality graphics are wonderfully detailed. If you find yourself enchanted by the artistry of these greenman designs, our greenman t-shirts are perfect for adding a bit of forest spirit style to any wardrobe.
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Anne Stokes Oak King T-Shirt

Item # ZB-2191
The wisdom of the trees lives on in the spirit of this powerful and kindly nature deity. The Anne Stokes Oak King T-Shirt displays the leafy face of the Greenman across the front of the chest, Celtic knots weaving in his beard.

Dark Roots T-Shirt

Item # MT-10-3435
It has always been said that it is important to know your roots. Now, you can know and show off your roots with this Dark Roots T-Shirt, which traces the different roots back to a creature with an intriguing, archaic look.
$22.00 $19.00

Green Woman T-Shirt

Item # MT-10-3307
Even a passing glance will reveal that this is not a typical greenman, but is a beautiful Green Woman T-Shirt. Like her male counterpart, this mysterious figure peers out at the world, her face composed of the plants that surround her.
$22.00 $17.00

Oak King Hoodie

Item # SL-00181
Allow us to introduce you to the Oak King, master of the forest and sage, whose branches and leaves know more than vast libraries of lore. Now, you can know this legendary figure personally, just by wearing this Oak King Hoodie.

Oak King T-Shirt

Item # SL-00180
Allow us to introduce you to the Oak King, master of the forest and wise sage, whose branches and leaves know more than the most libraries of lore. Now, you can know this legendary figure, just by wearing this Oak King T-Shirt.

Oak Queen Celtic Hoodie

Item # SL-00260
Evoke the spirits of the forest and pledge your loyalty to the rulers of the woodlands, with the Oak Queen Celtic Hoodie. This garment is great for those who can appreciate the beauty and majesty found within the simplicity of nature.
$51.00 $45.90

Oak Queen Celtic T-Shirt

Item # SL-M104L022
Deep within the woods there is legend of a mighty queen who rules the realm and protects all creatures found within the nature. Embrace this organic beauty and show your respect with the unique Oak Queen Celtic T-shirt.

Oak Queen Drape Womens Shirt

Item # SL-00158
This deity to the forest and nature is here to introduce some harmony into your life. Allow peace which is inspired by the beauty of nature to flow into you, when wearing this stylish Oak Queen Drape Womens Shirt.

Royal Greenman T-Shirt

Item # MT-10-3312
The Royal Greenman T-Shirt is a classic greenman design that has something of a regal bearing. There is something in the greenmans intense stare and the regal arrangement of his leaves that makes him a king among traditional greenmen.
$22.00 $17.00