Decorative Fencing Rapiers

The rapier is a classic standard; it was once regarded as the sword of choice not only among gentlemen and nobility, but also became one of the most common swords of the era, achieving nothing short of wide-spread use, both in matters of personal honor and in actual conflicts between enemies. And now, we are happy to offer you a number of decorative fencing rapiers. Each and every one of our decorative fencing rapiers are modeled after the appearance or style of a rapier that was, at one point, accepted and common; some are actually even replicas designed after historical swords. Each of these swords is beautifully crafted; many feature swept guards or cupped guards, which are two of the most common guard styles associated with the rapier. And while many of our decorative fencing rapiers appear to look functional, none of them truly are; these decorative and beautiful rapiers are replications that are designed to convey a sense of prestige and power. They are display items that are not meant to withstand the rigors and stresses of actual combat for any period of time. If you are looking for a rapier that you intend on using in combat or sparring, check our other fencing sections. But if you are looking for a beautiful, period-accurate rapier that will proudly occupy a place on your wall or mantle, then look no further than our decorative fencing rapiers.
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Black Hilt Rapier

Item # ZS-926850
Not all rapiers were made for the social elite of the renaissance. They were a common sword of the day, and so some, like this Black Hilt Rapier, were made to be less ornate. Being less fancy hardly decreased its effectiveness.

Black Wire Hilt Rapier

Item # MC-KS-5918BK
Precision, agility, and technique are all three things that the rapier emphasizes, thanks to its narrow blade. This Black Wire Hilt Rapier recreates the look of a historic sword that gradually changed the way men fought with blades.

Decorative Italian Sword

Item # ME-0139
Replicating the extraordinary styling of 17th century Italian rapiers, the Decorative Italian Sword embodies the appearance of a sword that likely would have been carried by a gentleman for the sole purpose of dueling.

Leather Wire Hilt Rapier

Item # MC-KS-5918
Fairly typical for its make, the Leather Wire Hilt Rapier possesses all the hallmarks of the highly stylized swept-hilts that became fairly popular and for good reasons.

Masonic Small Sword

Item # ZS-926924
The Freemasons are one of the most intriguing societies in existence, their history clouded with questions and conspiracies. You can bring the mystique of this ancient organization into your home with the Masonic Small Sword.

Needle the Sword of Arya Stark

Item # Game-21
Contrary to her age and size, Arya Stark has a fierce warrior spirit and innate survival skills. Given to her by her brother Jon Snow, Needle the Sword of Arya Stark is perfect for fans of the younger and more fiesty Stark daughter.

Saint John Gold and Black Crusader Small Sword

Item # NP-L-894-GD-BK
Inspired by the noble Templars of the medieval era, the Saint John Gold and Black Crusader Small Sword is a beautifully detailed decorative weapon. Made of 440 stainless steel, the narrow blade is followed by a black and golden tone hilt.

Saint John Gold and White Crusader Small Sword

Item # NP-L-894-GD-WT
Reminiscent of the blades held by holy medieval warriors, the Saint John Gold and White Crusader Small Sword is an inspired take on Templar weaponry. This decorative stainless steel blade features a beautiful golden hilt with a white grip.

Spanish Cup Hilted Sword

Item # ME-0136
Gorgeously designed in the appearance of a 17th century Spanish side sword, the Spanish Cup Hilted Sword displays a spectacular Renaissance era styling that is excellent for expressing your love of this historical period.

Spanish Rapier of El Cid

Item # ZS-901121
As a legendary Castilian hero, the subject of an epic medieval poem, and an exiled nobleman, El Cid remains an idolized figure in Spain to this day. This Spanish Rapier of El Cid has been created to honor the great military leader.

Spanish Tizona Cup-Hilt Rapier by Marto

Item # MA-577S
The Spanish Tizona Cup-Hilt Rapier, by Marto, is a full-sized reproduction replica of the very well-known sword from the 16th century, valued and used through-out all of Europe during the advent of the rapier and the thrusting sword.

Templar Knights Smallsword

Item # ZS-926836
A smallsword is a style of sword with a thin, narrow blade, made for fencing and defense as well as offense. In the case of this Templar Knights Smallsword, it is also made with a decorative look that will wow all who see it, too!