Fountains & Birdbaths

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Aged Lion Garden Wall Fountain

Item # OL-FS9072
The Aged Lion Garden Wall Fountain looks just like a detail found on an ancient castle. This wall hanging outdoor fountain has a lion head as its central focus, handcrafted for a weathered look, and comes in a range of finishes.

Aged Lion Wall Fountain

Item # OL-F9072
Give your garden or home a kingly look with the Aged Lion Wall Fountain. This medieval fountain has a large lion head on its back base, framed by a scrolling shell border. Water flows from the lion mouth down to the basin below.

Bella Bimmbi Bird Bath

Item # OL-FS8237
The Bella Bimmbi Bird Bath brings innocent beauty and classic elegance to any outdoor decor. This highly detailed bird bath features cherubic babies surrounding its stem, their arms up as though supporting the wide, shallow basin.

Blowing Kiss Wall Fountain

Item # OL-FDS422
A sweet cherubic child accents the Blowing Kiss Wall Fountain. Bring calming, classic elegance to your decor with this large Renaissance fountain. Water flows from the childs mouth to cupped hands and down to the shell basin.

Double Shell Wall Fountain

Item # OL-FS9200
The Double Shell Wall Fountain adds a unique loveliness and historical elegance to any outdoor decor. This wall mounted, antique style fountain features two shell basins on its back base, from which water cascade beautifully.

English Lion Wall Fountain

Item # OL-FS6607
With its proud lion face and ornate border, the English Lion Wall Fountain brings regal beauty to any outdoor wall. This wall mounted Renaissance fountain catches water from the lion mouth and flower accents in its fluted base.

Gargoyle and Shell Fountain

Item # OL-FS69518
Turn your garden into a medieval courtyard with the Gargoyle and Shell Fountain. This gothic sculpture fountain features a beastly gargoyle perched on top of a wide shell basin, a stream of water flowing from its toothy grin.

Greenman Lion Wall Fountain

Item # OL-FSDS421
Greenmen are the wild nature faces found within the details of medieval architecture. The Greenman Lion Wall Fountain presents the typical leafy bearded face in a different way, with lion features incorporated into the visage.

Jaimy Fruit Wall Fountain

Item # OL-NG28317
Accented with a plentiful harvest, the Jaimy Fruit Wall Fountain adds sumptuous detail to any home or garden. This Renaissance wall mounted fountain has scrollwork leaf detail and Greek columns framing the sides of the wall base.

Le Grande Lion Fountain

Item # OL-FAK903
For utmost regal style indoors or outdoors, make a statement in your decor with the Le Grande Lion Fountain. This wall mounted medieval fountain is not only of tremendous size, but has an incredible level of fine detail throughout.

Lion and Shell Wall Fountain

Item # OL-FS6636
The Lion and Shell Wall Fountain brings the serenity of flowing water and thought-provoking, historical allure to your garden. The water flows from the mouth of the weathered lion head to the shell accent and down to the round basin.

Perche Cherub Wall Fountain

Item # OL-F69105
Not all sweetness and serenity, this cherub wears his feelings clearly on his face. The Perche Cherub Wall Fountain is a unique take on traditional Renaissance decor, featuring the head of a devilish baby on its wall mounted base.