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Make your workspace reflect your favorite styles and inspire you to do your best work when you decorate with our desk accessories. Here you will find everything from fantasy pen holders and dragon staplers to steampunk magnifying glasses and mermaid cell phone holders. Our desk accessories section spans many themes, so you will find gargoyle desk decor here alongside zombie business card holders and knights helmet pen holders. Many of our pen and pencil holders are made of high quality cold cast resin and have been hand painted to look like ancient stone or in beautiful fantasy colors. Bring something unique to your desk display with these helpful and intriguing medieval and fantasy desk accents.
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Black Templar Knight Magnifying Glass by Marto

Item # MA-107-2S
This little but powerful Templar Knight Magnifying Glass, by Marto is enriched by the Templar cross, the emblem of the renowned military order vowed to defend the holy land and his pilgrims. It makes for a great desk accent.

Bone Dragon Staple Remover

Item # CC11989
As awesome as dragons may be, sometimes they just are not hardcore enough! That is easily fixed by using the dragon skeleton instead. With the Bone Dragon Staple Remover, now you can have a unique tool that is as cutthroat as you are!

Bone Dragon Stapler

Item # CC11524
Now you can secure all your important documents together with the powerful jaws of a dragon! The Bone Dragon Stapler, featuring the frightful skull of a fearsome dragon, is a fully functioning stapler with cold cast resin details.

Brent Gargoyle Cardholder

Item # OL-FSP2561
Bring a bit of fantasy fun to your home or office with the Brent Gargoyle Cardholder. A curious gargoyle statue sits next to the slot for standard size business cards. This fantasy cardholder has hand painted weathering throughout.

Brent Guard Gargoyle Note Holder

Item # OL-FSP2713B
This little gargoyle will sit as sentinel over your notepad. The Brent Guard Gargoyle Note Holder is an easy way to bring a bit of gothic and fantasy style to your home or office. Hand painted weathering lends an antique touch.

Castle Tablet Stand

Item # DK8000
With the Castle Tablet Stand, you can give your tech a taste of history, not to mention ensure that like the warriors of old, your tablet is secured by simulated stone walls that will help to keep your tablet up and eagerly on display.

Cherub Holding Rose Pen Holder

Item # WU-1193
Your desk should be a comfortable space where you can work in peace. There is no better way to personalize your work space than to decorate it in your own style, which makes this Cherub Holding Rose Pen Holder perfect for enthusiasts.

Dragon and Helmet Pen Holder

Item # CC12358
This mighty dragon must have defeated a noble knight, or at least claimed his helmet as its own. The Dragon and Helmet Pen Holder turns this medieval fantasy image into a fun and useful desk accent for holding pens, pencils, and more.

Dragon Egg Utility Holder

Item # CC9137
Any desk is bound to have pens, and nothing is more frustrating than having pens rolling about and getting lost when you need them most. Eliminate the hassle and decorate your desk at the same time with the Dragon Egg Utility Holder.

Dragon Head Monument Utility Holder

Item # CC11833
In respect to the mighty beasts of legend, the Dragon Head Monument Utility Holder provides a functional desk piece in draconic style! This cold cast resin pencil cup is hand-painted in a stone look to highlight the intricate detail.

Dragon Head Staple Remover

Item # CC11988
Dragons have always been a popular part of the world of fantasy. For the best way to incorporate a draconic touch to your home or office, the Dragon Head Staple Remover provides exceptional style without compromising on function.

Dragon Stapler

Item # CC8475
If it has been your dream to put a dragon to work in your home or office, then now is the time with the Dragon Stapler. This clever item combines a stapler with a molded dragon head to create an item as fun as it is functional.