Bloody Bandages

Some bloody bandages are just what the doctor ordered whenever zombies are on the loose. We carry a wide variety of zombie costume accessories, including a range of costume bandages that can make anyone look like the survivor of a gruesome attack. Our gory bandages include bloody arm bandages, bloody head bandages, and bloody leg bandages that you can use in any combination to show the severity of the encounter. Zombie apocalypse survivors are not the only ones who can wear these fake bandages, though, as they also look great on the walking dead themselves! Members of the undead wearing these zombie bandages make it seem as though the victim was turned shortly after being attacked by the horde. We also offer various other horror accessories like zombie surgical masks and zombie dust masks that work great for undead doctors and nurses. When creating your zombie Halloween costume, be sure to include these zombie apocalypse bandages as you finish your look!
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Bloody Arm Bandage

Item # FM-66193
Turn your arm into a mangled wreck with the Bloody Arm Bandage! This bloody wrap is the perfect way to make yourself look like you were the victim of a zombie attack, whose only medical treatment was to wrap the arm in bandages.

Bloody Head Bandage

Item # FM-66194
You know, you should get that head wound looked at. Those are the words you will hear every time you wear the Bloody Head Bandage, because you will always look like you just suffered a severe and debilitating head wound.

Bloody Leg Bandage

Item # FM-66285
Whenever you are running for your lives from the shambling undead hordes, you do not always have time to dress a wound. Sometimes, you wind up with something like the Bloody Leg Bandages, a makeshift wrap that is covered in blood.

Roll of Bloody Bandages

Item # FM-66698
This Roll of Bloody Bandages is the perfect choice for simulating the field dressing a zombie survivor might have covering their wounds or the wrap that might be found on a zombie, applied after infection but before zombification.

Undead Arm Sleeves

Item # FM-66665
Looking as though they were pulled off the arms of a zombie, the Undead Arm Sleeves are two ragged accessories that nevertheless serve a valuable purpose. They make you look more zombie-like, and they keep your arms warm.
$4.50 $4.05