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Women's Pirate Skirts

A fine pirate mistress deserves the best clothing to be had as she commands her ship upon the high seas. Here at Medieval Collectibles, we offer an excellent selection of womens pirate skirts in various styles to go with your lady pirate ensemble. We carry several saucy pirate wench skirts as well as full-length skirts for an elegant period look. Our gathered buccaneer skirts and layered pirate skirts come in a wide array of colors to suit any swashbuckler ensemble. Handkerchief skirts with a jagged hem make a fun choice for sea garb with the added benefit of offering freer movement than some of our longer skirts. Elastic waistbands and drawstrings ensure that our lady pirate skirts remain comfortable to wear all day, making them a fine choice for fairs, festivals, and parties. Whether you want to dress as the infamous Mary Read or the legendary Alvilda, your pirate outfit will be a hit with one of our gorgeous pirate skirts!
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Alvilda Striped Skirt

Item # DC1089
The Alvilda Striped Skirt is made of 100 percent cotton fabric. The skirt has a pirate trademark striped design with a zig-zag pattern at the hem line. The Alvilda Striped Skirt has an elastic waist for easy and comfortable wearing.

Ashaki Pirate Skirt

Item # DC1020
The Ashaki Pirate Skirt is made from thick and rich Viscose Rayon fabric and features two overlapping juxtaposed layers. The pirate skirt has an elastic and drawstring at waist for easy wearing.

Double-Layer Medieval Skirt

Item # DC1107
This medieval skirt comprises of 2 layers of skirts in contrasting colors. The design gives the option to gather-up the outer skirt on one or both sides, so as to give a gathered look and also show the inner skirt color.

Eleanor Cotton Skirt

Item # DC1075
Our Eleanor Skirt is made from thick, glazed cotton fabric. The elaborate width and attractive colors make it a must have for peasant or wench outfit. The Eleanor skirt has elastic and drawstring that has been provided at waist.

Grace O'Malley Pirate Skirt

Item # DC1021
The Grace OMalley Pirate Skirt is structural in shape and feminine as for a pirate. It is a crepe skirt with super-fullness. The Grace OMalley Pirate Skirt contains elastic and drawstring at the waist for comfortable wearing.

Isabell Canvas Skirt

Item # MY100445
Serve up some ale to fellow roleplayers as a barmaid at the local medieval tavern, or assist in bringing history to life at a reenactment. No matter which occasion requires your role, the Isabell Canvas Skirt gets you into character.

Medieval Gathered Skirt

Our Medieval Gathered Skirts are made of soft cotton that mimics the weave of linen without the expense. Lacing in the back of the waistband allows you to adjust the fit. This is a perfect wench, medieval or Renaissance skirt.

Pirate High Low Skirt

Item # LU-433700
Serve up some ale for the Brethren of the Coast, or plunder and raid the Seven Seas as the captain of your own ship. With its adjustable front hike, the Pirate High Low Skirt adds a stylish touch to a variety of historical roles.

Striped Wench Skirt

Item # MCI-4006
Our Enchanted Fairy Skirt is made from a lightweight poly-cotton blend fabric that is very breathable and perfect for long summer days at the fair. The Enchanted Fairy Skirt looks great when paired with any of our bodices or corsets.
$39.99 $35.99

Striped Wench Skirt

Item # DC1077
Reminding of the strong yet subtle style of a wench, this 100 percent cotton skirt has a soft and desirable feel. This wench skirt has a striped design that has always been a pirate trademark and continues to represent their culture.