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Dragon Clocks

If the rumors and myths are true, the one thing that dragons have plenty of is time, and that is why they make excellent time-keepers. So why not let a dragon keep time for you by adding one of our great dragon clocks to your decor? Not only are they great display pieces, but they also happen to be quite helpful and budget-friendly, too! Many of our dragon clocks are crafted from cold cast resin and feature a high level of detail, making each one a stunning piece that is worthy of display. Others are circle wall clocks featuring the dragon-themed work of famous fantasy artists. Some of the fantasy clocks found here are hanging clocks designed to be mounted on a wall for all to see. Others, like some of our dragon table clocks, are better suited for desks and bed stands, where they will keep time and remind others of the hour and the minute. Time is the one thing that dragons tend to be very protective of, because it is the one thing you cannot take back once it is lost, although luckily, all of the dragon clocks here are pre-screened to make sure that these dragons do not mind sharing a little bit of their time, and their time pieces, with you or your loved ones.
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Double Dragon Clock

Item # CC11998
In the Middle Ages, the mechanized clock made leaps and bounds in much the same way the computer has in recent times. You can commemorate the origin of the clock while adorning your wall with cool art with the Double Dragon Clock.

Dragon Egg Desk Clock

Item # CC11149
Just like many mothers in the natural world, mother dragons are some of the fiercest protectors in the mythological realm. This Dragon Egg Desk Clock makes a great desk accessory for anyone who likes medieval or fantasy decor.

Dragonkin Clock

Item # CC10389
Let your imagination take wing with this creative wall clock featuring the fantasy art of Anne Stokes! The Dragonkin Clock lets you decorate your home with the breathtaking image of a young woman holding out a red baby dragon.

Dragonlore Desk Clock

Item # AG-V46
We all know there are fire dragons, lightning dragons, sea dragons, and ice dragons, but did you know there are time dragons as well? They like to hoard clocks and watches and one of them is featured on the Dragonlore Desk Clock.

Flight of Terror Dragon Clock

Item # CC11084
Imagine strolling the streets of your city. As you pass the graveyard, you look up only to see a terrifying dragon fly right over your head! With the Flight of Terror Dragon Clock, this kind of scene can be depicted in your decor.

Green Geode Dragon Desk Clock

Item # CC11828
A dragons hoard is said to hold the most precious of treasures. The fire breathing serpent of the Green Geode Dragon Desk Clock sits atop his beloved prize in stunning detail that highlights the beauty of this beast and his treasure!

Kindred Spirits Clock by Anne Stokes

Item # CC11013
Some may call them soul mates, while others would refer to them as best friends. Either way, they are kindred spirits. This Kindred Spirits Clock by Anne Stokes shows the bond between two fantastical creatures that is never broken.

Silverback Wall Clock by Anne Stokes

Item # CC9842
Moonlight adds an element of mystery to the meetings that occur in its beams. The Silverback Wall Clock by Anne Stokes shows one such encounter between an angel and a dragon under the light of a full moon.

Skull Guardian Dragon Clock

Item # CC11087
What better to watch over and protect the corpses of legendary warriors and kings than a menacing, flame-breathing winged dragon? The Skull Guardian Dragon Clock will give your decor the sinister style you have been looking for.

Steampunk Dragon Clock

Item # CC12370
Time is a great motivator, but sometimes, even a deadline is not enough to make you get things done. That is when you need a formidable dragon to really light a fire under your rump! With the Steampunk Dragon Clock, you can have them both.

Steampunk Dragon Table Clock

Item # WU-1906
Any engineer knows that a well-calibrated dragon runs like clockwork and burns like a torch. The Steampunk Dragon Table Clock embodies that first qualification, all the while making a fantastic piece of functional home decor to boot!

Time Dragon Clock

Item # SC9113
There is a certain type of dragon in the world that is drawn to clocks. Nobody knows why, but for some strange reason they find ticking to be a soothing sound! You can tell people that when they ask you about the Time Dragon Clock.