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Scottish & Celtic Accessories

Very distinctive cultures evolved among the peoples of ancient Briton and the surrounding lands. We carry an excellent assortment of Scottish accessories and Celtic accessories inspired by two of the most well-known groups. Our Highlander accessories include excellent leather pouches like sporrans, worn with clothing like kilts to serve in place of pockets, while our Celt accessories offer additional pieces like leather belts that work great for historical reenactments and the Renaissance fair. Whether you plan to dress as William Wallace or Boudicca, you can be sure to find helpful historical accessories here!
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Black and Red Scaled Sporran

Item # ZS-203378
One can never have enough pockets. Our Black and Red Scaled Sporran is the perfect accessory for carrying items or for rounding out medieval looks. The adjustable chain and leather strap make this a good fit for a variety of styles.

Black Tasseled Medieval Sporran Pouch

Item # ZS-210700
Originally, the sporran was a Scottish pouch worn with kilts of the day so that men would have something similar to a pocket. You can use this Black Tasseled Medieval Sporran Pouch in much the same way as they would have in history.
$19.50 $17.55

Blackthorn Shillelagh

Item # 07-91PBSH
A little brother to the Blackthorn Staff, our Blackthorn Shillelagh combines hard-wearing materials with a gorgeous look. This functional shillelagh is crafted from a polymer that will withstand even the harshest weather conditions.
$39.90 $31.92

Blackthorn Shillelagh Fighting Stick

Item # UC2970
The Blackthorn Shillelagh Fighting Stick is a modern rendition of the traditional Irish weapon. Made of polypropylene instead of blackthorn wood, this combat weapon retains all its classic detailing alongside its contemporary construction.

Blackthorn Staff

Item # 07-91PBST
At almost five feet in length, this impressive hiking staff represents the pinnacle of innovation in injection molding and high-impact polymer production. The Blackthorn Staff features a stunning appearance perfect for the trail.
$47.90 $38.32

Brown Braided Tassel Sporran

Item # 200312
This Brown Braided Tassel Sporran is a great addition to any Scottish outfit. A trio of leather tassels decorate the front of this rugged pebble grain pouch. The front flap closes by a convenient steel snap.

Brown Celtic Belt

Item # AH-5505
A Celtic reenactor needs accessories that will add a striking detail to their historically accurate outfit. The Brown Celtic Belt features several aspects that make it a must have for those who love this culture and its style.

Cat Sith Hair Slide

Item # AG-HH11
With mountains of superstitions and folklore about them, it is no wonder that black cats are so popular. Known to the Celts as the Cat Sith, black cats like the one in the Cat Sith Hair Slide were considered a type of fairy.

Celtic Circle Leather Journal

Item # NP-V-N8657
If you love Celtic design you will find good use for this Celtic Circle Leather Journal. This diary is the perfect place for you to write down your thoughts and dreams. Made from leather, this journal features tough cotton paper pages.

Celtic Cross Key Chain - Gold Plated

Item # MCI-5301
The Celtic Cross keychain features the intricate detailing on both sides and is available in a nice gold finish. This Celtic keychain measures approximately 1 3/8 inches across and 4 1/2 inches long including the chain.

Celtic Cross Key Chain - Silver Plated

Item # MCI-5307
This beloved symbol will keep all your keys safe and in place. The Celtic Cross keychain features the intricate detailing on both sides and is plated with 925 Sterling Silver.

Celtic Cross Leather Journal

Item # HW-700422
Your journal is a sacred thing. It is the tome into which you pour your essence, the one thing with which you share your whole soul. You deserve a journal deserving of you, an elegant, hand-crafted book like the Celtic Cross Leather Journal.