Celtic Brooches & Pins

Whether you are wearing a brooch in the traditional fashion or wearing a Celtic pin with your everyday clothing as a unique accent, our Celtic style brooches and pins are the perfect way to show your heritage or interest in the ancient culture. Our Celtic brooches are made from the finest pewter or sterling silver, and they feature popular Celtic symbols like the thistle, Claddagh and lots of Celtic knotwork. Use our brooches to keep your cloak or cape closed or as an everyday accessory. We have traditional penannular brooches to more modern designs with pin/clasp backs.
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Celtic Boar Pin Badge

The Celtic Boar Pin Badge depicts an animal revered for its ferocity and aggressiveness. A defiant beast that is not easily defeated. It embodies the key characteristics of a warrior such as courage, stubbornness, and strength.

Crowned Scottish Thistle Brooch

Item # PS-WZTBR184
A floral emblem of Scotland, the thistle stands for nobility of character and birth. The Crowned Scottish Thistle Brooch displays this prickly flower within a heart frame with an ornate crown perched on top.

Gem Cross Pin Badge

The Gem Cross Pin Badge represents the beautiful artwork and faith of the Iron Age Celts. This commemorative jewelry piece is a great accessory for the daily celebration of history, or the perfect gift for a fellow history buff.

Interlaced Celtic Cross Gem Pin Badge

This Interlaced Cross Gem Pin Badge is made from lead-free and is supplied with either a blue, red or green gem. The information card is full color on the front and has historical information on the reverse.

Interlaced Celtic Cross Pin Badge

This Interlaced Cross Pin Badge is made from lead-free pewter and displays Celtic design. The information card is full color on the front and has historical information on the reverse, making it great for wear and learning.

Scottish Bagpipes Pin Badge

The Scottish Bagpipes Pin Badge depicts a wind instrument easily recognized around the world. It inspires visions of a musician in Highland dress, playing a melodious tune in celebration or leading his fellow clansmen into battle.

Scottish Thistle Pin Badge

According to a 13th century legend, this prickly flower cut short an ambush attempt by Norse invaders. Since then, it has become the proud emblem of Scotland. Celebrate its rich history and culture with the Scottish Thistle Pin Badge.

Scottish Thistle Wreath Pin

Item # PS-WZTBR193
The national floral emblem of Scotland, the thistle, as seen in the Scottish Thistle Wreath Pin, displays a prickly blossom and leaves which supposedly alerted the Scots to a stealth invasion when one was stepped on.

Scottish Unicorn Pin Badge

The Scottish Unicorn Pin Badge depicts a beast said to be both powerful and chivalrous among many admirable traits. As the natural enemy of the lion, which served as Englands herald, it was the perfect symbol for 15th century Scotland.

Sterling Silver Wheel of the Year Brooch

Item # DD-TBR-382
Each season brings its own events, ceremonies, and symbolism in the Sterling Silver Wheel of the Year Brooch. With its incredibly intricate details, this sterling silver accessory depicts the eight sabbaths of Pagan tradition.

White Bronze Celtic Eternal Knot Brooch

Item # PS-WZTBR008
Wear a piece of Celtic tradition with pride, showcasing this intricate knotwork pattern in your outfit. The beautiful White Bronze Celtic Eternal Knot Brooch displays a symmetrical Celtic knot in a complex woven design.

White Bronze Claddagh Knotwork Brooch

Item # PS-WZTBR027
Combining two noteworthy Celtic symbols, the White Bronze Claddagh Knotwork Brooch features a striking Claddagh design in the center of an oval knotwork border. This Celtic pin makes a fine icon of eternal friendship and love.