Fine Dining Barware

Your personal bar should speak not only for your taste in spirits but also give a hint as to your personal interests. That is why we offer such a wide array of stylized barware in our fine dining section. This way, nautical fans, history buffs, hunting enthusiasts, and nature lovers alike can all craft their own personal bar style. This section is filled with dedicated bar accents and decorations, all of which are perfect for not only styling your own personal bar but perfectly preserving your spirits and liquors of choice. They go a long way towards creating a unique look for your bar that your guests are sure to take notice of. For holding spirits and drinks, we offer an assortment of carafes, pitchers, and decanters. For chilling your drinks, we have ice buckets in varying sizes, some small for convenience and some large enough to hold ice and the bottle you want to chill! We also offer decanter tags with clear terminology on them, so you can easily label your liquors. Finally, we carry bottle stoppers, so that once you have stopped imbibing, you can cork your preferred drink and keep it sealed, to preserve its flavor and vintage for another day! All this is offered in our barware section amid a few other choice elements like coasters and bottle openers, to ensure that when you guide your guests to your bar, it is an experience that they will not soon forget.
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Acorn and Oak Leaf Glass Pitcher

Item # VH-L415A
The Acorn and Oak Leaf Glass Pitcher is a straight-sided pewter and glass beverage server, ready to be admired and filled with cool drinks. Tall and slim, it takes up a small amount of table space yet imparts a large amount of style.

Acorn and Oak Leaf Pewter Pitcher

Item # VH-L100
Gently curved and uniquely accented, the Acorn and Oak Leaf Pewter Pitcher is the perfect choice for occasions when nature and elegance are on your style menu. This pewter pitcher makes a great piece for your dinner table or bar.

Acorn and Oak Leaf Wine Coaster

Item # VH-L133A
This beautiful Acorn and Oak Leaf Wine Coaster features an overlay of intricate acorn and oak leaf artwork on its hammered metal sides. The rustic unevenness of the rim is a nod to the natural curves of nature.

Acorn Band Individual Wine Carafe

Item # VH-L401A
Does anyone at your next gathering have a strong preference for what wine they will have? If so, place a few of the Acorn Band Individual Wine Carafes on your table to serve each beverage with ease and great visual appeal.

Acorn Band Large Wine Carafe

Item # VH-L400A
The Acorn Band Large Wine Carafe is a perfect glass vessel to show off the beautiful color and clarity of the wine at your table. Your favorite vintages will look spectacular when served from this acorn carafe.

Acorn Oak Leaf Ice Bucket

Item # VH-L126A
Anyone who has ever hosted a party knows the necessity of keeping ice ready for your guests. The Acorn and Oak Leaf Ice Bucket is a classic, clear glass, pewter-embellished ice bucket for holding ice cubes or chilling a bottle.

Antler Handle Pewter Pitcher

Item # VH-A100
This sensuously curved, cast pewter pitcher features a naturally shed, hand-turned antler handle, securely attached with a stylized scrollwork arm. The Antler Handle Pewter Pitcher makes a stunning addition to any dinner table.

Bamboo Wood Square Coaster Holder

Item # TY-H99
When you are not using your coasters, keep them neatly contained in the Bamboo Wood Square Coaster Holder. This minimalist coaster box has an open top that lets you show off the design of your coasters even when they are put away.

Beauty of the Earth Coaster Set

Item # TY-TS2201
A gorgeous geode-like pattern decorates each piece in the Beauty of the Earth Coaster Set. This set of four coasters is both beautiful and useful, made of naturally absorbent sandstone that keeps condensation off of surfaces.

Celtic Cross Coaster Set

Item # TY-TSKA2
The Celtic Cross Coaster Set brings the beauty of the ancient culture to any decor. This set includes four coasters with matching green Celtic cross designs. Each is made of solid sandstone, which naturally absorbs drink condensation.

Celtic Knot Coaster Set

Item # TY-TS296
Celtic knots can symbolize interconnectedness and eternity. The Celtic Knot Coaster Set includes four matching coasters made of naturally absorbent sandstone, each with an intricate knotwork design over a wood look background.

Charter Oak Ice Tub

Item # VH-L119C
Beautifully ornate with inspiration from nature, the Charter Oak Ice Tub can easily double as a punch bowl at your next gathering. This large serving bowl has an appeal that no one can ignore, making it a great feature for your table.