Star Wars Collectibles & Decor

Bring your love of Star Wars into every room of your home with these vibrant Star Wars home decor items. Based on characters and films from the hugely popular space opera franchise, these items make perfect gifts for any Star Wars fan in your life. Put Darth Vader to work holding candy or one of your favorite treats with our Darth Vader Candy Bowl Holder. Bring a touch of Jabba the Hutt decorating style into your bathroom with the Han Solo in Carbonite Shower Curtain. Protect your tables from damage by using any of our coaster sets. Embrace the retro style at school or work when you carry your lunch in one of our tin totes or lunchboxes. Kylo Ren and the First Order stormtroopers will keep you on task when you hang the Star Wars The Force Awakens Wall Clock in any room. Keep checking back as we add new styles to our Star Wars collectibles and home decor whenever they become available.
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Boba Fett Candy Bowl Holder

Item # RC-68370
Here stands the bounty hunter of Star Wars legend, ready to share a rich supply of Halloween treats with your fellow partygoers. Fans of the Mandalorian warrior will wisely add the Boba Fett Candy Bowl Holder to their home decor.

Boba Fett Wall Plaque

Item # RC-8550
Inspired by the Mandalorian bounty hunter of the epic Star Wars saga, the Boba Fett Wall Plaque will make an exciting addition to your home decor. This sculpture possesses amazing detail, making it a must-have for your collection.

Classic Star Wars Wall Clock

Item # VP-99089
It is always time for Star Wars! The Classic Star Wars Wall Clock, displaying an original Episode IV movie poster design, makes a great accent for any fans room. Hang the round clock on your wall to show your love for the films!
$22.00 $19.80

Darth Vader Candy Bowl

Item # SU-Z18178
Bring the Dark Side into your home this Halloween with the Darth Vader Candy Bowl. Fashioned in the shape of the iconic helmet of the imperial Sith Lord, this candy bowl is a must-have for true Star Wars original trilogy fans.

Darth Vader Candy Bowl Holder

Item # RC-68394
Welcome either trick-or-treaters or guests with the bountiful supply of treats offered by your favorite Star Wars villain. Cater to the dark side of the Force as well as your love for sweets with the Darth Vader Candy Bowl Holder.

Darth Vader Porch Light Cover

Item # SU-Z18072
Turn your light side dark with the Darth Vader Porch Light Cover. This Sith Lord helmet fits over almost any standard porch light, and when the light switch is flipped on, it glows like a funeral pyre on the moon of Endor.

Darth Vader Wall Plaque

Item # RC-8539
Star Wars fans everywhere will admire the detail found in this depiction of Anakin Skywalker. Based on the Sith Lord as he appears in the original trilogy, the Darth Vader Wall Plaque is an exciting addition to your home decor.

Empire Strikes Back Tin Lunchbox

Item # VP-99070
A Star Wars poster graphic from Episode V of the original trilogy decorates the front of this collectible metal tote. New and longtime fans are sure to enjoy the vintage artwork on the Empire Strikes Back Tin Lunchbox.
$14.50 $13.05

Kylo Ren Porch Light Cover

Item # SU-W80042
Protect your house from obliteration by supporting the First Order with the Kylo Ren Porch Light Cover. This hooded mask fits over almost any standard porch light, and the eye-slot focuses the light into a narrow but powerful beam.

Light-Up Darth Vader Wall Decor

Item # SU-Z19067
Show your allegiance to the Empire with the Light-Up Darth Vader Wall Decor. This decoration features battery-powered lights and sounds that simulate the reflection of a lightsaber and the raspy breathing of the Sith Lord himself.

Star Wars BB-8 Light Set

Item # KT-SW9168
If your favorite droid enjoys rolling across the sands of desert planets, assisting the Rebel Alliance, and hanging out with former Stormtroopers, then the Star Wars BB-8 Light Set is the light up decoration you are looking for.

Star Wars Chewbacca Plush Stocking

Item # KT-SW7135
Few can best a Wookiee in trials of strength, so who better to guard your Christmas goodies than Chewbacca? The Star Wars Chewbacca Plush Stocking features the furry plush head and arms of Han Solos Wookiee companion at its cuff.