Pirate Home Decor & Gifts

Avast! If you have been yearning to decorate your home or office in the way of the pirate, our pirate home decor and gifts section is the place to find everything you need! We offer a wide variety of home decor items all decorated or shaped like pirates or pirate symbols, such as our pirate wine table or pirate skull bookends. We offer pirate coasters, pirate ashtrays, and pirate incense burners that are sure to look great on your coffee table but would also look quite nice on our pirate tables! Our pirate tankards and pirate wine bottle holders are great additions to kitchen and party displays. Many of our pirate home decor pieces are painted by hand to reveal excellent details, and many are accented with iconic pirate imagery, such as skulls, pistols, and cutlasses. No matter where you wish to decorate with pirate style, we have a piece for you here in our pirate home decor collection.
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Battle Worn Small Henry Avery Flag

Item # LXHBAT2
Pirates represent adventure on the high seas, and few were quite as adventurous as the legendary Henry Avery. Raise the Jolly Roger of the one and only King Pirate practically anywhere with the Battle Worn Small Henry Avery Flag.
$39.99 $35.99

Brethren of the Coast Mug

Item # 05-44078
Join your fellow brethren for some ale, or perhaps for an energizing splash of coffee, whichever floats your boat. Enjoy the fellowship of your pirate mates and celebrate your exploits with the Brethren of the Coast Mug.

Buccaneers Treasure Map

A pirates treasure map, like the one seen in the Buccaneers Treasure Map, is the key to all of a pirates wealth! Very few pirates may have buried their treasure, but the ones who did certainly would not want you to steal their maps!

Medium Henry Avery Flag

Item # LXHREF1
The Arch Pirate Henry Avery was undoubtedly the most successful pirate of the late 17th century. The Medium Henry Avery Flag showcases his iconic emblem, adding a handmade touch from the Golden Age of Piracy to your home decor.
$99.99 $89.99

Medium Jolly Roger Flag

Item # LXJREF1
The skull and crossbones, known as the Jolly Roger, has been an iconic symbol since the early 1700s, or the Golden Age of Piracy. Now, you can fly your very own handmade Jolly Roger anywhere with the Medium Jolly Roger Flag.
$99.99 $89.99

Pirate Captain Skull Bank

Item # CC9005
A pirate loves to do nothing more than hoard money, and with this Pirate Captain Skull Bank, you can let a pirate do just that. While this pirate hoards your money, you will always know where it is, safe and sound in this skull.

Pirate Captain Skull Tankard

Item # EV-10096
Enjoy your favorite drinks like the true king of the scallywags with the Pirate Captain Skull Tankard in hand. Hand painted like a metallic-trimmed wood barrel, this pirate tankard has tricorn-wearing, eye-patched skulls on its sides.

Pirate Hanging Banners

Item # SU-W89054
Turn your house into a treasure cave with the Pirate Hanging Banners. These ragged scrolls, which come in sets of two, are decorated with imagery from Pirates of the Caribbean and have sturdy supports and strings for easy hanging.

Pirate Skull Bank

Item # GB-WW-6155
What better way for a pirate to spend the afterlife than as a piggy bank? Our Pirate Skull Piggy Bank comes with a slot in the head for inserting cash and coins. He has an eye-patch and a red bandana making it a stylish decor piece.

Pirate Skull Ceramic Art Tile by Anne Stokes

Item # EV-10058
Dead men may tell no tales, but that does not mean they will not continue to sail the seven seas in search of treasure. The Pirate Skull Ceramic Art Tile by Anne Stokes recreates the classic jolly roger, giving it an eerie undead twist.

Pirate Skull Decoration

Item # SU-W80128
Guard your treasure or your Halloween candy with the Pirate Skull Decoration. This props red headband indicates a life at sea, and its gold teeth are set in an articulated jaw, insuring that sometimes dead men do tell tales.

Pirate Skull Key Chain

Item # SC5832
Losing ones keys can easily ruin a day so why not make them stand out with the Pirate Skull Key Chain. This stylish and fun accessory may be the item that you have been needing for those times when your keys elude you.