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Steampunk Home Decor & Gifts

You can surround yourself with fantastic steampunk style using the assortment of steampunk home decor and gifts that we carry here! Our steampunk home decor includes pieces like steampunk candleholders, steampunk end tables, steampunk wall clocks, steampunk book ends, steampunk coasters, steampunk holiday ornaments, steampunk plaques, and more. Other Neo-Victorian collectibles branch out into steampunk skulls, steampunk gun statues, steampunk sandtimers, steampunk incense burners, and steampunk desk accents. Often decorated with gears and sprockets, our Neo Victorian decor and gifts embrace anachronisms and sci-fi technologies, giving your home or office a distinctive look. So if wearing steampunk fashions is not enough, visit this category for all of the other steampunk knickknacks you desire!
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3-D Steampunk Gear Ornament Set of 6

Item # LB208-1
If you find yourself in a steampunk setting this holiday season, have no fear, because we carry a delightful Steampunk Ornament Set of 6 that is sure to make your steampunk holiday is merry and bright, not to mention jazzy!

Anguistralobe Clock

Item # AG-V50
Based on an early alternative-history device created to predict future conjunctions points and moments of alignment regarding planets, the Anguistralobe Clock is a complex piece of steampunk science themed home or office decor.

Anguistralobe Trinket Dish

Item # AG-V62
The Anguistralobe, a device from steampunk science used to map the chronological points of alignment of the planets. The body of this tool is oddly dish shaped when seen by itself, so why not have an Anguistralobe Trinket Dish?

Anne Stokes Avenger Wall Clock

Item # CC10391
This dangerous beauty is ready for battle, holding a pair of golden revolvers as she stares provocatively towards the viewer. The Anne Stokes Avenger Wall Clock features a gorgeous design by the popular gothic fantasy artist.

Bone Finger Ceramic Mug Set

Item # SL-00915
The Bone Finger Ceramic Mug Set adds a bit of fun to traditional gothic imagery. Each black ceramic mug in this set of two features large, detailed graphics showing different moods of a skeletal grim reaper, playful or defiant.

Bronze Propeller Bookend

Item # WU-1456
Embrace the dazzling visuals of the steampunk genre with the stylish and elegant Bronze Propeller Bookend. This original home accent can become a daring new addition to your personal collection, so grab one today.

Bronze Steampunk Skull Dish

Item # WU-1904
If you want to keep something safe and secret, the best place to store it is in your head. Of course, that can be a little hard to do for things like jewelry. Luckily, the Bronze Steampunk Skull Dish is here to offer you its cranium.

Captains Nemo Steampunk Pistol and Stand

Item # CC9718
Jules Verne is the author of the first nautical story to have elements of steampunk in it, and that tradition continues in the form of this Captains Nemo Steampunk Pistol and Stand, which bears name of his legendary sea captain.
$70.00 $63.00

Classic Steampunk Mantle Clock

Item # WU-1907
So much time is spent looking at a clock. Why not add some splendor to those seconds? The Classic Steampunk Mantle Clock brings beauty to your clock-viewing experience, ensuring that it is filled with moments of admiration.

Copper Gear Steampunk Skull Tankard

Item # EV-10107
The Copper Gear Steampunk Skull Tankard looks like something a scheming clockwork inventor might have cooked up in his laboratory. This unique steampunk drinkware piece is shaped like a wicked brass skull decorated with copper gears.

Copper Skull Steampunk Incense Burner

Item # EV-10127
The clockwork realms have their darker sides too. Embrace the macabre when you enjoy your favorite stick incense from the Copper Skull Steampunk Incense Burner. A mechanical-seeming human skull grins from one end of its boat.

Cuttlefish Steampunk Walking Cane

Item # CC12548
In the ocean, few creatures are as curious as a cuttlefish, with its hypnotic bioluminescent display and its lightning-fast tentacles. With the Cuttlefish Steampunk Walking Cane, you can add this peculiar beast to your wardrobe.