Medieval History Books

History has always been important, and for those seeking to emulate the old ways of knighthood and chivalry, either in everyday life or when participating in reenactments, history takes on a whole new level of importance. And of course, for those who study it, there is nothing greater then to learn from history. This is why we offer a wide variety of medieval history books, all of which feature detailed information about various topics. Many of these medieval history books give detailed accounts of various groups of warriors and knights that were prominent, militarily, during medieval times, including general groupings of warriors like English knights or Norman knights, as well as including such famous knightly orders as the Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitaller. These medieval history books make for great reading material for avid students of history, as well as for those who need a focused resource from which to learn about a particular group of medieval knights.
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Armies Of Medieval Russia 750-1250 Book

Item # HR-103
In the centuries following the first expeditions down the great rivers of northern Russia by Vikings, the foundations for a new state were laid. Many influences grew up first around the great cities of Kiev and Novgorod.

Condottiere 1300-1500 'Infamous Medieval Mercenaries' Book

Item # HR-107
Lavishly illustrated with contemporary depictions and original artwork, this title examines the complex military organization, recruitment, training and weaponry of the Condottiere, a medieval mercenary group.

Discovering Leonardo: The Art Lover's Guide to Understanding Da Vinci's Masterpieces

Item # HR-161
Few can truly claim to fully understand Leonardo da Vinci. With this book, you can come close, as Discovering Leonardo The Art Lovers Guide to Understanding Da Vincis Masterpieces gives greater understanding to some of his paintings.

English Medieval Knight 1200-1300 Book

Item # HR-109
The 13th century was a time of change for knights in England. They were faced with rising costs and increasing demands on their time for local government because of their status in society, until knighthood itself was sometimes avoided.

English Medieval Knight 1300-1400 Book

Item # HR-114
The 14th-century knight lived in a century of change, in terms of both recruitment methods and the appearance of fighting men. This book describes all aspects of the knights life, including his training and tournaments.

German Medieval Armies 1000-1300 Book

Item # HR-111
In medieval Germany violence was accepted far more than in other kingdoms. Kings were recognized as guardians of order, but had limitations. Lords expected to use force to secure their rights when peaceful methods were not sufficient.

German Medieval Armies 1300-1500 Book

Item # HR-105
The German rulers were forceful and powerful men, and, surrounded by potential enemies, circumstances dictated the necessity of rule by strength based on military capacity. This book details the medieval German military.

Italian Medieval Armies 1300-1500 Book

Item # HR-112
Mercenaries were common throughout most of Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries, and had been known far earlier. But nowhere did such a system of hiring, payment, and organization of mercenaries develop as it did in Italy.

Knight Hospitaller Book

Item # HR-129
This book, the first of two to examine the lifestyle, experiences, and military role of the Hospitaller knight, covers the period from the foundation of the order to the invasion of Rhodes in 1306.

Knight Hospitaller Part 2 Book

Item # HR-132
Having campaigned on land during their early years, the Hospitallers fought mainly at sea from the turn of the 14th century. The emphasis was now on small-scale operations, rather than the crusade that had so often come to grief.

Knight Of Outremer AD 1187-1344 Book

Item # HR-130
After Saladins great victory at the Battle of Hattin in 1137, Outremer, as medieval westerners called the remaining Latin or Catholic enclaves in the eastern Mediterranean, was no longer a threat to Islam.

Leonardo DaVinci: The Renaissance Man

Item # HR-160
Leonardo Da Vinci The Renaissance Man is a novel look at the life of one of historys most innovative minds. Instead of a typical view, this book shows his life like a comic, making it a great story for the young and the old.