Greek Shields

We offer a full line of Greek shields inspired by those carried by Hoplites and Spartan warriors. Our wooden Greek shields and steel Greek shields are great for Renaissance fairs, LARP events, or historical reenactments. These Hoplite shields, Spartan shields, and Trojan shields come in fully functional and decorative designs. A number of our round shields are made from smooth composite wood with hand-painted Greek designs and symbols, including Medusa, helmets, scorpions, Lambdas, Pegasus, ships, and fish. Certain shields feature rounded cutouts on the top or sides for a unique look. Our steel Grecian shields are great for SCA events and sword-fighting, while other decorative shield designs look great displayed upon your wall or as part of your Spartan costume.
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Brass Villanovan Shield

Item # AH-3990
Modeled after a ceremonial shield that was dated back to 7th century B.C., the Brass Villanovan Shield is a beautiful recreation of an antique shield that features an immense array of attractive and impressive embossed designs.

Greek Gold Lambda Steel Shield

Item # WS-112
This Greek Gold Lambda Steel Shield will make you feel like a Spartan out of history when you carry it. Inspired by Greek history and Spartan design, this simple yet effective shield is among the best defenses against an enemy.

Replica Spartan Shield

Item # NP-M-S-300
Face your enemies and defeat the odds with the Replica Spartan Shield on your arm! This realistic prop shield is made of high grade polyresin and has been fantastically weathered in a brass tone, creating a rugged, battle tested look.

Round Wooden Greek Lambda Shield

Item # WS-101
The Round Wooden Greek Lambda Shield is a classical representation of an ancient Greek shield. Featuring the Greek letter Lambda, this shield is a quality, hand-made item that is both attractive and fully functional.

Spartan LARP Sword and Shield

Item # WRBLCombo
Among Spartans, weapons were the most prized of possessions - after all, Spartan men were expected to be soldiers. This Spartan LARP Sword and Shield is a great combo that puts Spartan arms into your hands.
$179.90 $161.90

Steel Greek Bull Shield

Item # WS-113
A Greek Hoplite could not ask for a better shield than the Steel Greek Bull Shield. This shield is a faithful reproduction of a Greek-styled shield made from quality materials and features several intriguing and useful features.

Steel Greek Bull Shield

Item # WS-44
The Steel Greek Bull Shield is a beautiful concave or dome shaped shield like the traditional Greek hoplite shields of old. The shield bears a classic Greek Bull design, a symbol of strength and valor.

Trojan War Shield

Item # AH-6119
The shield was an important part of Greek tactics, and it was rare for a Greek warrior to ever go into battle without one. The Trojan War Shield is an effective shield, one that is modeled after those used by the warriors of Troy.

Wooden Blank Unpainted Greek Shield

Item # WS-91
This blank unpainted wooden shield in the shape commonly used by the soldiers of ancient Greece. It measures about 35 inches in height and 24 inches in width. The shield is made out of a 0.5 inch thick smooth composite wood.

Wooden Gold Greek Lambda Shield

Item # WS-67
The striking Wooden Gold Greek Lambda Shield is a beautiful, hand-painted wooden shield featuring a classic Greek Lambda design over a rich metallic gold background with a hammered metal appearance.

Wooden Gold Greek Lambda Shield

Item # WS-24
This shield features a classic uppercase Lambda symbol across the front. The design is historically accurate and similar to ones actually used. The Wooden Greek Lambda Shield represents the 11th Letter of the Greek Alphabet.

Wooden Greek Medusa Shield

Item # WS-2
Wooden Greek Medusa Shield is a beautiful hand-painted and airbrushed wooden shield inspired by the art of ancient Greece. This Medusa design is historically accurate and can be seen in various books pertaining to ancient Greek history.