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Fairy Statues

We offer such a wide selection of different fairy statues and fairy figurines here that you might think you have wandered into a realm inhabited by fairies and fae creatures of all sorts! Our fairy statues section is home to a broad array of different fairies and their companions, which ensures that there is a fairy here for everyone! If you thought that fairies were docile and timid little creatures, think again! These fairy statues and fantasy figurines love to be in the lime-light, which means that each and every one is worthy of display. Our fairies come in a wide variety of styles, ranging from fearsome fairy warriors to peaceful fairy maidens. Some of our fairy statues enjoy the scents of flowers, while others enjoy the company of various creatures ranging from dragons and unicorns to woodland animals like owls, bears, and wolves. They also come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from small statues that will go on virtually any shelf to large statues that make fantastic centerpieces in homes, collections, or gardens! And our fairy statues come in so many different colors that it would be impossible to name them all here. Do not just take our word for it, though. Take some time to browse through our fairy statues, and you are bound to find a fairy figure or sculpture that suits your style.
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Acorn Fairy Boy Statue

Item # CC11937
Everyone has that one piece of interest they love. For the fairy lad in the Acorn Fairy Boy Statue, that thing is acorns. Crafted from cold cast resin, this charming fairy statue has been hand-painted to enhance quality and detail.

Addison Fairy Statue by Myka Jelina

Item # CC8525
The Addison Fairy Statue by Myka Jelina features a fairy dressed in purple and orange sitting on her knees with her hands down. Her butterfly wings are outstretched behind her, and a tiny butterfly rests in her short purple hair.

Admina of the Red Wolves Fairy Statue

Item # CC11889
As the days grow colder, the hunters grow bolder. While they are permitted to hunt, they are under the command to take only what they need. The fairy of the Admina of the Red Wolves Statue observes them to ensure this law is obeyed.

Amethyst Moon Fairy Statue

Item # CC12494
Sometimes, the moon appears as white as snow, while on other nights, it is as red as blood. But on rare eves when magical beings like the one depicted in the Amethyst Moon Fairy Statue come out to play, it glows a special shade of violet.

Aneira of the Winter Wolves Fairy Statue

Item # CC11888
The name Aneira is loosely translated to mean snow. How fitting that the fairy of the Aneira of the Winter Wolves Fairy Statue should be given that name, she and her wolf companion embodying the winter season in all its frozen glory.

Aracnafaria Statue

Item # WU-1115
Fairies can embody any concept in nature. This one embodies the dark beauty and grace that can be found in spiders of all sorts. This Aracnafaria Statue depicts a beautiful fairy that could be the human form of a widow spider.

Arctic Fairy Archer with Wolf Statue

Item # CC11373
A chilling wind blows and the mournful howling of a wolf pack echoes through the mountains. A curtain of snow parts to reveal the Artic Fairy Archer with Wolf Statue ready to let lose a lethal arrow, prepared to protect her realm.

Autumn Dryad Fairy Statue

Item # 05-91403
The Autumn Dryad Fairy Statue depicts a fairy who has devised a new approach to the fall season. Instead of weathering the season in her present form, she is turning herself into a tree in order to sleep through the chilly months.

Autumn Fairy with Butterfly Statue

Item # 05-91472
This Autumn Fairy with Butterfly Statue seems content to spend the hours lying on the ground, idly watching a butterfly that has landed on her hand. This fairy figurine is a fine example of fantasy art at its most exquisite.

Autumn Fairy with Dragon Statue

Item # CC9017
Fairies are rare, and dragons are even more so, and yet this Autumn Fairy with Dragon Statue depicts a seemingly impossible scene like a natural occurrence, putting the two together for what seems to be a simple, friendly chat.

Autumn Fairy with Orb Statue

Item # 05-91960
Perhaps her gazing orb can tell this fairy what the shifting seasons have in store. The Autumn Fairy with Orb Statue depicts a lovely autumnal fairy clad in fallen leaves, crouching amongst mushrooms and holding an orb in her hand.

Autumn Fairyland Fairy Statue

Item # CC9733
Fairies tend to love all seasons equally, and for proof of that, you need only look at this Autumn Fairyland Fairy Statue. Not only does this fairy seem to embrace the change of the seasons, but she embodies it, as well!