Scottish & Celtic Shields

As far as warriors go, the ferocity of the Scots and Celts is difficult to match. Yet even with their brazen strength, the Scots and the Celts understood the use of a good shield, similar to the ones featured here in our Celtic and Scottish shield category. Scottish and Celtic warriors favored the use of wooden shields, since wood was easy to find and metal was reserved for the making of weapons. Each one of these Scottish targes and Celtic shields possesses a detailed design on its face that links back to these ancient cultures. Many of the round shields you will find here are strong enough to be used in combat, while others are intended as incredible decorations or collectibles.
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Brass Studded Scottish Targe

Item # AH-3999
The preferred shield of the Highland warrior was the targe. Slightly smaller than the medieval round shield, this Brass Studded Scottish Targe is a reproduction of the Scottish shield, in all its impressive detail and adorned glory.

Miniature Scottish Targe

Item # AH-4000
For those history buffs and cultural enthusiasts who want to celebrate some Scottish Highland style but have limited space, this Miniature Scottish Targe is a gift from above, one that recreates the Highland shield in miniature.

Scotland Lion Steel Battle Shield

Item # S157
Since at least 1222, Scottish rulers have used the beast that decorates the Scotland Lion Steel Battle Shield as their standard. Crafted from 16-gauge steel, this reenactment shield contributes to a solid defense on the battlefield.

Scottish Culloden Targe

Item # AH-PRH303
The Scottish Culloden Targe, as a restored recreation, is based on a historical piece that was captured during the Battle of Culloden in 1746, during the Jacobite Rising, and has since been kept in the Museum of Royal Armouries.

Templar Knight Scottish Cross Shield by Marto

Item # MA-965-0S
The Templar Knight Scottish Cross Shield by Marto is an ornamental triangular shield, known as a kite shield, made from steel and embellished with gold. It makes for a great medieval display piece and decoration.

Wooden Celtic Griffin Shield

Item # WS-65
The Wooden Celtic Griffin Shield is a unique shield featuring a Griffin design painted over a rich wood grain background. This particular shield is made of plywood. This maneuverable shield measures about 20 inches in diameter.