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Pirate Pants & Breeches

Climb the rigging of your pirate ship with ease when you wear the mens pirate pants offered here at Medieval Collectibles. Many of these buccaneer pants and sailors slops resemble harem pants with their loose fit. Our mens pirate breeches end just after the knee, making them ideal for wearing with tall boots. Striped first mate pants will give you a striking look, while our sea captain trousers appear in various solid colors for bold style. These buttoned corsair pants and drawstring sailor pants work great for authentic pirate outfits inspired by the many infamous pirates throughout history. Made from fine materials like cotton, viscose, and velveteen, these pirate trousers feel great to wear with all of your favorite pirate outfits. Browse through the fine pieces in this section to see the many styles of swashbuckler pants that we have available!
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Ataman Canvas Trousers

Item # MY100870
Whether you are ready to listen to Scheherazade or fight at sea, the Ataman Canvas trousers are ideal for an outfit at a reenactment or LARP event. These flowing trousers are great for the next desert caravan or oceanic adventure.

Ataman Linen Trousers

Item # MY100871
A voyager looking to pack their gear needs to make sure that they have the right clothing. Add the Ataman Linen Trousers to your luggage closet. They are great for the LARPer or reenactor looking to enhance their fantasy wardrobe.

Basic Medieval Pants

Item # MCI-2357
There are a few basic essentials when it comes to putting together an outfit from any era, be it gothic, medieval, renaissance, or fantasy. Pants tend to be one of them, and these Basic Medieval Pants are virtually universal.

Black Orchid Pants

Item # 100736
The high seas have never looked better than with the appearance of the female pirate, the Black Orchid. The Black Orchid Pants are made from black stretch velour and feature leather straps, which buckle around your calves.


Item # SS-BREE
A bit conservative for tights, are you? Made of cotton, these breeches would have been worn by the peasant or working class. They are long enough to wear with knee-high boots or wear the cuffs at the top of your calf with sandals.

Buccaneer Pants

Item # DC1083
These Buccaneer pants are one of the most famous styles of the time when pirates ruled the oceans. Our Buccaneer Pants are made from 100 percent cotton fabric and have long fitted portion below the knee with eyelets and drawstrings.

Buccaneer Pants

Item # MCI-286
The Buccaneer Pants are an extremely well-crafted pair of pirate pants that any sea-bound swashbuckler would be eager to own and wear. Not only are these pants extremely well-made but they are also handcrafted from quality fabric.

Captain Clegg Striped Pants

Item # DC1088
Our Captain Clegg Striped Pants are made with 100 percent cotton. These pants have very classical finishing and take you very close to the pirate mind. They have a zig-zag design at hem, which gives them a very unique look.

Captain Cottuy Pirate Pants

Item # DC1015
These pirate pants are an essential part of a pirate costume. The Captain Cottuy Pirate pants are made from viscose with an elastic belt and loose fitting till the knee. The long fitted portion below the knee features eyelets and cords.

Corsair Pants

Item # MCI-287
The Corsair Pants are a simple and functional pair of pirate pants that are made from woven cotton. These authentic, medieval-styled pants are all about function, and what they lack in decoration, they make up for in other areas.

European Styled Pants

Item # MCI-288
The European Styled Pants are handcrafted from 100% cotton. Not only that, but these medieval-styled pants also quite colorful. These striped pants are available in a wide variety of vivid colors.

First Mate Pants

Item # 100518
These Pirate Pants are the perfect beginning to any High Seas outfit, whether you are a First Mate or a Captain. The long pair of comfortable and durable 100% cotton pants are perfect for a variety of outfits.