Leather Full Suits of Armour

When you want to wear a complete, matching leather armoured look, our leather full suits of armour category has what you need. We carry complete leather suits of armour in a wide variety of historical and fantasy styles. Check out fantasy soldier armour and elven armour sets as well as complete Viking and Valkyrie armour packages. We carry leather full suits of armour for both men and women. Many of our full suits of leather armour are ideal for LARP battle, light reenactment, costume, and cosplay use. Wear a full leather armour suit as perfectly matched protection in battle or as an impressive armoured look at your next medieval festival or Renaissance fair.

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Dark Armor

Item # RT-104
The shadowy warrior is one to fear, as much for their prowess as for their appearance. In this suit of Dark Armor, intimidating will barely describe your look. With its impressive design, this armor will leave your foes in awe.

Leather Samurai Full Armour Set

Item # RT-230
Samurai are renowned for their code of honor and their exquisite armour designs. Embodying this unique styling, the Leather Samurai Full Armour Set is the perfect attire for any LARPer seeking to assume this honorable role.

Odomar Viking Leather Armour Package

Item # RT-243
The harvest has come and gone, we must allow the bountiful fields to rest. Foreign lands beckon us with unclaimed riches. The Odomar Viking Leather Armour Package ensures a strong defense while raiding the seaports of our foes.

Praetorian Leather Battle Armor Set

Item # RT-207
Clad in the Leather Praetorian Battle Armor Set, you will look the part of a ranked warrior and soldier of Ancient Rome. The armor is crafted for both protection and flexibility, and it will serve the warrior that wears it well indeed.

Woodland Leather Armour Package

Item # RT-252
An evil blight seeks to destroy the entire kingdom. Its disease extends into the mystical woods. Our noble ruler compels you to put on the Woodland Leather Armour Package and put an end to the wicked army that plagues the land.