Throwing Weapon Holders

Often the best place to keep your favorite throwing weapons is right by your side for quick and easy use whenever danger may strike. We offer a selection of throwing weapon holders that can help you do just that! Shop here for our medieval throwing weapon holders, including knife holsters and dagger holders that accommodate a number of throwing weapons. Many of our throwing weapon holders are easily attached to a belt or another part of your outfit, much like our other leather frogs. We also offer throwing weapon holsters for LARP daggers and knives. Keep your throwing knives and throwing daggers close at hand with these high quality throwing weapon holsters.
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Doran Knife Holder

Item # MY100878
For the rogue or assassin looking for a way to dispatch an enemy quickly and silently, the Doran Knife Holder is the perfect accessory. Holding a single throwing knife, it is ideal for a LARP event, reenactment, or Renaissance faire.

Doran Throwing Dagger Holster

Item # MY100881
Sometimes one dagger is not enough, you may need three. The Doran Throwing Dagger Holster allows you to hold more so that you can get rid of an enemy. It is ideal for the LARP assassin or fantasy warrior looking to carry more blades.

Doran Throwing Knife Sheath

Item # MY100877
As a rule, the warrior or spy should always carry a surprise. The Doran Throwing Knife Sheath helps to hold an extra defense. It is ideal for the LARPer or reenactor looking to add a bit of mystery to any fantasy or historical outfit.

Galino Throwing Dagger Sheath

Item # MY100861
Assassins, rogues, and rangers need to keep their weapons close by. Wear the Galino Throwing Dagger Sheath and hold your daggers within arms reach. This leather holster is a wonderful accessory for LARP events or fantasy conventions.

LARP Knife Leg Harness

Item # DK1061
Prepare yourself for battle with the quick accessibility of your throwing knives provided by the exceptionally designed LARP Knife Leg Harness. Holding up to three LARP throwing knives it is perfect for surprising your enemy from afar.

LARP Throwing Knife Holder for 3 Knives

Item # MCI-2213
We offer many different styles of LARP throwing knives and these holders are the perfect way to carry them around. This dagger frog holds three knives and ties easily to your belt, onto your armour, and around your leg or arm.

Triple LARP Knife Belt Holder

Item # DK1063
Ensure that you are always well equipped by adding this Triple LARP Knife Belt Holder to your war kit. With space for up to three throwing knives, this leather harness slides on to your belt so you can slay foes from a distance.

Woodland Elf Throwing Knife Leg Harness

Item # DK1062
Add versatility to your LARP equipment with the Woodland Elf Throwing Knife Leg Harness, which allows for exceptionally quick access to your throwing knives and in turn the ability to slay foes before they are within melee distance.