Costume Wigs

We offer a variety of Costume Wigs that compliment many of the costumes we carry. Whether you are dressing up as a Pirate, Arwen, Legolas or a Fair Maiden, you'll find the perfect wig here. These are all great quality Halloween wigs and some of them are licensed from Movies. We carry medieval wigs, lord of the ring wigs, star war wigs, gothic wigs and renaissance wigs.
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300 Rise of an Empire Queen Gorgo Deluxe Wig

Item # RC-52862
The 300 Rise of an Empire Queen Gorgo Deluxe Wig is a stunning accent that offers any lady the perfect hair that matches the appearance of the character in the film, making it a must-have for anyone who wants to transform themselves.

Adult Avengers 2 Black Widow Wig

Item # RC-36258
You need not cut and dye your own hair to keep up with Black Widows often-changing hairstyles. Wear the Adult Avengers 2 Black Widow Wig next time you dress as this superspy to effortlessly achieve her short, curled bob hairstyle.

Adult Black Widow Winter Soldier Wig

Item # RC-53055
Complete your transformation into the heroine Black Widow with the addition of this wig to your ensemble! The Adult Black Widow Winter Soldier Wig mimics the hair style of Natasha Romanoff in the second Captain America film.

Adult Gamora Wig

Item # RC-53050
The Guardians of the Galaxy introduced moviegoers to Gamora, a fierce superheroine and adopted daughter of the villain, Thanos. This coming Halloween, show off your love of this complex character with the Adult Gamora Wig.

Adult Gandalf Wig and Beard

Item # RC-34035
If you are seeking a company to join you on a grand adventure, you will find that wearing the Adult Gandalf Wig and Beard lends you an air of wisdom and power. This accessory set is perfect for Halloween and other costume events.

Adult Hulk Wig

Item # RC-53053
Hulk smash! When you want to bring out your inner Hulk, you have to have the right costume accessory, unless you are naturally green. Become the rage-fueled Avenger and one of the best superheroes of all time with this Adult Hulk Wig.

Adult Iron Man Facial Hair Set

Item # RC-36365
In recent Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Tony Stark of Iron Man fame has sported a moustache and goatee combination. But you dont have to grow your own to get this stylish look. Simply apply the Adult Iron Man Facial Hair Set.

Adult Princess Leia Headband

Item # RC-8230
No cosplay depiction of Leia Organa is complete without her trademark hairstyle. The Adult Princess Leia Headband makes it easier to portray the heiress of Alderaan and Rebel Alliance leader from the original Star Wars trilogy.

Adult Princess Leia Wig

Item # RC-50832
Add the final touch to your portrayal of Rebel Alliance Leader, Leia Organa, with the Adult Princess Leia Wig. Based on the hairstyle she wore in the original Star Wars trilogy, this costume accessory is essential to your role.

Adult Wonder Woman Deluxe Wig

Item # RC-32668
Even amidst the turmoil of battle, Wonder Woman manages to keep her long brown hair flawlessly curled. The Adult Deluxe Wonder Woman Wig is the easiest way to achieve the hairstyle of the Amazonian princess as seen in Dawn of Justice.

Adult Wonder Woman Wig

Item # RC-32667
Easily attain Gal Gadots lovely Wonder Woman look when you wear the Adult Wonder Woman Wig. This officially licensed costume accessory depicts Princess Dianas long, curled brown hair as seen in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice.

Arkham Knight Adult Harley Quinn Wig

Item # RC-32487
Mayhem follows this supervillain wherever she goes. With the slight hint of a conscience and a whole lot of insanity, this DC Comics antihero captivates all. Reveal your inner madness with the Arkham Knight Adult Harley Quinn Wig.