Teen Costumes

Sometimes, finding a good, stylish costume is a hard thing to do. Luckily, Medieval Collectibles carries a number of stylish and fashionable teen costumes, to ensure that when that time of the year rolls around, everyone, teenagers included, can enjoy Halloween to its fullest. In our teen costumes, they will not have to worry about looking dorky or uncool, because not only are our costumes, well, costume-y, but they are also extremely cool, not to mention extremely stylish and fashionable. We offer teen costumes in a few choice varieties, including common themes like pirates and vampires, as well as a few medieval and renaissance themed costumes, like gladiators and gypsies. Halloween is a time-honored tradition and, to be honest, it is really too much fun to just let anyone sit and pass the day away, doing absolutely nothing; show your teenager the Medieval Collectibles Teen Costumes section and get them a wickedly cool costume. Its the perfect way to get them into the Halloween spirit!

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Bat Reputation Tween Costume

Item # IN-18037
Creatures of the night have never looked as good as when your pre-teen wears the Bat Reputation Tween Costume! This sassy purple bat costume allows your tween girl to look like a stylish version of the iconic nocturnal creature.

Colosseum Cutie Teen Costume

Item # IN-14014
If you are woman, do they hear you roar? They do if you are a gladiator, that is for dang certain! And you can be the fiercest gladiator of them all, both powerful and stylish, in your Coliseum Cutie Teen Costume
$34.92 $27.00

Dark Pirate Tween Costume

Item # IN-18084
The Dark Pirate Tween Costume allows the cosplayer to heed the call of the sea along with their fashion savvy. Join fellow swashbucklers this Halloween with in a chic costume that befits a fearless adventurer of the Seven Seas.

Dark Woods Huntress Tween Costume

Item # IN-18096
An air of mystery follows the hunter as she silently glides through the forest. The unnatural gloom, which wards off others, serves as her cover. The Dark Woods Huntress Tween Costume is a stylish option when lurking in the shadows.

Glitzy Greek Goddess Teen Costume

Item # IN-14035
When it comes to sheer elegance and style, the Greek goddesses had it all figured out. Now you can embody that radiant and divine style yourself by adding this Glitzy Greek Goddess Teen Costume to your wardrobe.

Hooded Huntress Tween Costume

Item # IN-18047
The Hooded Huntress Tween Costume is a mix of fantasy and history, combining elements to create the perfect look for a bold girl who does not mind taking matters into her own hands, wants to show off both skill and beauty.

Mysterious Mermaid Tween Costume

Item # IN-18036
Your pre-teen will be a vision of aquatic beauty when she dresses up in the Mysterious Mermaid Tween Costume! This lovely mermaid princess costume features a blue-violet mermaid print and comes with a matching headpiece.

Pirate Babe Teen Costume

Item # IN-14027
Pirates have never been limited to boys, and just as some boys never grow out of their love for pirates, some girls never do, either. That makes the Pirate Babe Teen Costume great for the lass who still holds pirates near and dear.

Red In The Hood Tween Costume

Item # IN-18073
This Little Red Riding Hood has no need to fear any inhabitant of the dark forest with her sassy look. The Red In The Hood Tween Costume provides a modern twist on the traditional fairy tale for your pre-teen to enjoy this Halloween.

Street Vamp Tween Costume

Item # IN-18093
Whether you are looking for a chic mini dress for a costume party, or wish to invade the scene on Hallows Eve, check out this stylish option. Add a modern touch to the role of immortal vampire with the Street Vamp Tween Costume.

Swashbucklin' Sass Tween Costume

Item # IN-18022
The Swashbucklin' Sass Tween Costume is a great costume for a preteen girl who is not only looking for a costume with the right amount of sass and character, but also a stylish costume that fulfills the desire for a pirate-themed look.

Teen Huntsman Costume

Item # RC-886372
Snow White and the Huntsman told a new fairy tale, one that depicted the fairest maiden as more than just a princess. Along with her was the Huntsman, a steadfast warrior your son can emulate in this Teen Huntsman Costume.