Halloween Ornaments

For a haunted house or a spooky costume party, the frightful decorations found here contribute greatly to a bone-chilling atmosphere. In this section, you can expect jack-o-lanterns, evil clowns, possessed toys, and severed limbs sized appropriately for your Halloween tree. You may run across a zombie rising from its grave, or a witch concocting a boiling, magical brew. Perhaps you wish to cast a shadow over holiday cheer. Our killer elves and Krampus ornaments serve a reminder to all to avoid the naughty list. Feel free to scroll through this section, but do remember that it is not for the faint of heart. We are always uncovering, or rather, digging up things for the appreciation of true horror fans.
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Angel Tombstone Horror Ornament

Item # HO-TBSN
Born in the year 1866, Mr. Burns died the day before Halloween on the eve of his 100th birthday. If you hand the Angel Tombstone Horror Ornament on your tree, he might just rise again to make up for what he has missed.

Black Cat Halloween Horror Ornament

Item # HO-BKCT
Look out! Sorry, too late! This black cat has already crossed your path, bringing misfortune to all that come across him. The Black Cat Halloween Horror Ornament is a fun, horrifyingly adorable decoration for this years witch tree.

Cackling Witch Horror Ornament

Item # HO-WTCH
Whatever this ghastly sorceress has got boiling in her cauldron, it is certainly not Christmas punch! The Cackling Witch Horror Ornament is the perfect addition to a spooky tree, but do not drink anything she offers you.

Chain Saw Horror Ornament

Item # HO-CNSW
The Chain Saw Horror Ornament has been used to cut up something other than trees. If you were wondering how the severed arm and leg ornaments came to be, then look no further than this grisly device, subtly splattered with blood.

Clown Head Horror Ornament

Item # HO-CNHD
Behind the smile of a clown lies murder! The Clown Head Horror Ornament will creep out all who view it. What could he be planning to do with those sharp teeth of his? This Halloween decoration is the stuff of nightmares.

Cow Skull Horror Ornament

Item # HO-CWSK
Add a touch of the Western Gothic to your Halloween tree with the Cow Skull Horror Ornament. It will conjure up thrilling images of tumbleweed, ghost towns, and vengeful spirits looking to avenge their deaths with one last shootout.

Gargoyle Horror Ornament

Item # HO-GRGL
Straight from a gothic church to your tree, it is a good thing that this grotesque gargoyle is made out of stone. Otherwise, the Gargoyle Horror Ornament would be ready to pounce. Better watch out when the sun goes down.

Gothic Casket Horror Ornament

Item # HO-CSKT
Who can really say what unspeakable terror lies within this casket? Hopefully, the Gothic Casket Horror Ornament stays shut whilst hanging from your tree and does not start to creak open in the middle of the night.

Haunted House Horror Ornament

Item # HO-HTHS
Let us hope that your house is not as spooky as the Haunted House Horror Ornament. All manner of ghosts and ghouls reside within, just waiting to break out. Be sure to lock the door, check it twice, before you go.

Jack O Lantern Horror Ornament

Item # HO-JKL2
Instead of mere baubles and trinkets, why not hang something a tad more sinister on your tree? The carved pumpkin of the Jack O Lantern Horror Ornament adds its own blend of spookiness to your holiday decorations.

Jack O Lantern Horror Ornament

Item # HO-JKLN
An iconic symbol of all that goes bump in the night, the simple little pumpkin of the Jack O Lantern Horror Ornament sends a cheerful warning to all who gather around your tree. They can expect a few good scares this year.

Killer Elf Horror Ornament

Item # HO-ELFF
Christmas is a time when Santas elves come out to play, but not this one! The Killer Elf Horror Ornament was exiled from the North Pole for unspeakable crimes, his reign of terror is coming to a living room near you.