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Skull Money Banks

Loose change can be a hassle to deal with sometimes. It clutters your pockets or your purse, and if you do not have a place to keep it, it can be easy to lose track of, too. Thankfully, we have a number of skull money banks that can be trusted to keep track of your change and cash while they bring great gothic style to your decor! Even better, some of the skulls feature a striking and almost frightening appearance that will serve well in keeping snoopers away from the skull, as well as away from your change. Virtually all of these skull banks depict a skull in one form or the other, but most differ in that they add variations to the skull to make them far more appealing. A few are classic skulls with little touches of style, but most are vividly colored and highly stylized. Some feature robotic accents to make the skull look more like a machine than bone, while others feature fire accents, fangs, and brands to create a more demonic and devilish look. Some are adorned with tattoo markings and carvings, which makes for an intricate accent to view. A few are even done up like pirates, which is oddly appropriate, considering how often pirates spent their lives trying acquire ever greater amounts of coin! Everyone has got some loose change just floating around, and that gives anyone a good excuse to pick up one of our stunning and intriguing skull money banks!
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Celtic Lion Skull Savings Bank

Item # CC6411
This Celtic Lion Savings Bank is a great addition to any skull collection. Shaped like an ornately decorated human skull, this savings bank creates a regal display while helping you keep your loose change neatly stored away.

Count Magistus Money Box

Item # AG-V35
Place your trust in a gentleman whose reputation is beyond reproach (and beyond the grave). The Count Magistus Money Box displays Albrecht Magistus, a well known but misunderstood aristocratic figure in Victorian London society.

Fiery Skull Money Bank

Item # CC7369
There is nothing better than a skull savings bank to keep your money safe. The Fiery Skull Money Bank features a dark skull with red teeth and flaming hair, which looks fearsome enough to safeguard your earnings.
$25.00 $22.50

Gunmetal Skull Money Bank

Item # KM-37066
Let the Gunmetal Skull Money Bank keep a head count of all your loose change for you! This shiny skull coin bank adds an eye-catching touch of grim style to home decor as both a great conversation piece and a helpful home accent.

Moari Ram Skull Savings Bank

Item # CC6413
This Moari Ram Skull savings bank is a great addition to any skull collection. The Moari Ram Skull has Moari tribal designs covering the entire skull. The skull head stores coins or money inside its head.

Pirate Skull Bank

Item # GB-WW-6155
What better way for a pirate to spend the afterlife than as a piggy bank? Our Pirate Skull Piggy Bank comes with a slot in the head for inserting cash and coins. He has an eye-patch and a red bandana making it a stylish decor piece.

Rebel Confederate Skull Bank

Item # CC8187
There is nothing better than a skull savings bank to keep your money safe. The Rebel Confederate Skull Bank features a skull wearing confederate regalia, which looks more than tough enough to safeguard your earnings.

Silver Skull Money Bank

Item # KM-37065
Keep your coins protected when you place them inside the Silver Skull Money Bank. This metallic skull head is hollow for holding spare change. More than just a piggy bank, though, this silvery skull adds a gothic touch to any setting.

Skull Bank

Item # CC8871
This Skull Bank is the perfect place to deposit all of your loose change. Featuring the classic look of a skull, this Skull Bank will keep your change safe and secure, while adding a touch of gothic decoration to any space.

Skull Money Bank

Item # SC7385
This skull money bank is a great addition to any skull collection. The skull head stores coins or money inside its head. The skull money bank is in the form of a human skull. Our skull money bank is 6.5 inches tall and made of resin.
$23.40 $21.06

Skull Money Bank

Item # SC8146
Money is much harder to take when it is well-guarded. This Skull Money Bank does not actually guard your money, but it does provide a different sort of defense. Not many people are willing to reach into a skull to get a few coins.