Ladies Headbands & Hair Accessories

We have a variety of Medieval headbands, bun cages, combs and hair accessories that will complete your medieval costume or Renaissance clothing. Medieval Collectibles has Celtic headbands, Medieval headbands and Elven headbands that are made of solid sterling silver or are plated with sterling silver. Most of our headbands, bun cages and combs are decorated with rhinestones that will catch anyone's attention. These medieval hair accessories are great for medieval weddings, renaissance fairs, pageants, or formal occasions.
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Beaded Ladies Circlet

Item # ST4252
Crowns are not for all occasions. For those moments when a crown would be too much, perhaps a lovely circlet would work instead. This Beaded Ladies Circlet is indeed quite the showpiece, thanks to its colorful design.

Blue Butterfly Hengeband

Item # 090-EHB07
You will never feel more magical than when encircled by this trio of butterflies. The versatile Blue Butterfly Hengeband can be worn as either a circlet or a necklace, the perfect fantasy accessory for any ethereal outfit.

Brown Vintage Velvet Headband

Item # MCI-6551
Headbands are a rather varied accessory. Sometimes they are simple and used to tame hair, and other times, they are complex decorations fit for royalty. The Brown Vintage Velvet Headband definitely falls into the latter category.
$36.00 $21.60

Chained Pearl Headpiece

Item # ST4257
Not all princesses are content to wait for heroes to rescue them. Some are as bold as the warriors they command! For the warrior-princess who wants elegance, beauty, and strength, nothing beats the style of the Chained Pearl Headpiece.

Elven Leaf Comb

Item # 12193
This fairy comb is made of rhinestones and pearls with a flower and leaf design. The Elven Leaf Comb is metal plated in sterling silver and has a comb in the back. The Elven Leaf Comb measures 1.5 inches tall and 4.5 inches wide.

Flowing Leaf Comb

Item # ST4130
With its distinctive and natural style, this Flowing Leaf Comb makes a fantastic addition to any elven princess or lady attire, as well as a great accent that could be worn by any woman who loves that touch of natural beauty.

Ivory Victorian Headband with Long Veil

Item # MCI-6560
The Ivory Victorian Headband with Long Veil is not your average headband. This is a headband designed to suit a bride on her wedding day, although this headband will perform admirably outside this role, given proper planning.
$78.00 $46.80

Jeweled Floral Diadem

Item # ST3581
This accessory looks like its decorations were picked from a garden before being gilded in precious metals and glimmering stones. The Jeweled Floral Diadem is an elegant, naturally-styled piece that adds beauty to formal looks.

Ladies Crushed Velvet French Hood

Item # MCI-555-1
The Ladies Crushed Velvet French Hood adds a touch of finery to noble outfits. Made of lustrous, shiny velvet and beautifully embellished with gold trim and white faux pearls, this Tudor French hood comes in a variety of colors.

Ladies Royal Velvet French Hood

Item # MCI-555
Accent your next outfit with the finery of French nobility when you wear the Ladies Royal Velvet French Hood. Made of soft, plush velvet and accented with gold trim and faux pearls, this decadent headpiece brings luxury to any look.

Purple Iris Hair Pin

Item # SC7525
Add an element of flower garden charm to your hairstyles with the Purple Iris Hair Pin. Made of lead free pewter, its darkened leaves and stems curl around purple blossoms, forming a unique hair piece fit for an ethereal flower queen.

Rhinestone and Pearl Flower Headband

Item # ST4037
Elegant and dainty, the Rhinestone and Pearl Flower Headband is the perfect accessory for medieval and Renaissance princess, queen, or lady-in-waiting looks. This gorgeous metal headband is accented with rhinestones and pearls.