Fine Dining Serving Bowls

There is more to a meal than just one dish or even one course! Because of the myriad of dishes and sides that can come with any given meal, we offer a wide selection of serving bowls that go right alongside many of our serving dishes and trays! From salads to soups to sauces and more, these bowls are handy to have around for a variety of reasons. Not only are they good for a variety of different dishes, but they also come in a variety of different styles! Our bowls are all made from the finest of materials as well, including pewter, glass, stoneware, and hardwood of different types. For the nature lover, we offer a variety of woodland themed serving bowls, including ones that feature oak leaves and acorns as decoration. A handful even feature a furry friend as decoration, adding a cute little squirrel to your table! Other bowls are inspired by autumn themes, featuring bowls shaped like carved pumpkins and gourds. We even have some under the sea themed serving bowls shaped like shells and accented with octopuses and other intriguing sea creatures! No matter the theme, no matter the dish, you can bet that we have the serving bowls you need to make your dinner complete.
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Acorn and Oak Leaf Dip Bowl

Item # VH-L413AS
Just because something is small does not mean it cannot make a big statement about your excellent taste. The Acorn and Oak Leaf Dip Bowl stands out on your table with its elegant style and quality construction.

Acorn and Oak Leaf Gravy Boat

Item # VH-L117A
The Acorn and Oak Leaf Gravy Boat displays stunning artistry while serving as functional tableware. Even if you have no other natural or seasonal table decor, this gravy boat sets the tone for your formal dinner setting.

Acorn and Oak Leaf Sauce Bowl

Item # VH-L106
Inspired by tri-footed metal sauce bowls from the early twentieth century, the Acorn and Oak Leaf Sauce Bowl combines a charming appearance with practical function. This sauce bowl is sure to become an integral part of your table.

Acorn and Oak Leaf Stoneware Bowl

Item # VH-L311
The details of displaying and serving an elegant meal to your guests are almost as important as the food itself, which means you will have one less thing to worry about with the Acorn and Oak Leaf Stoneware Bowl on hand.

Acorn Chip and Dip Bowl

Item # VH-L218AL
Do not go nuts looking for the perfect bowl for your next gathering because we have it here with the Acorn Chip and Dip Bowl. Shaped like an acorn, this wooden bowl makes a great receptacle for snacks like chips and dip.

Autumn Vine Dip Bowl

Item # VH-G413P
Make your next party a hit with this fine seasonal dish! Decorated with a leaf and vine crafted from lushly detailed, high quality pewter, the Autumn Vine Dip Bowl is hand-turned and finished with food safe wax and mineral oil.

Autumn Vine Salad Bowl

Item # VH-G226L
No formal dinner is complete without a salad course, whether served buffet style or passed around the table. A leaf and vine accent, crafted from lushly detailed high-quality pewter, decorates the Autumn Vine Salad Bowl.

Bear Honey Pot

Item # VH-B451H
Sure to bring a smile to your table, the Bear Honey Pot displays a pewter bear that is dazzled with delight at the treasure of honey he has found, showing an expression of pure joy. This glass honey pot makes a stunning server.

Bear Sauce Bowl

Item # VH-V993
This delightful bear does a fine balancing act with the clear glass serving bowl of the Bear Sauce Bowl. Hand-finished to show delicate detail, this pure pewter bear figure is inspired by the playful American Black Bear.

Glass Squirrel Nut Bowl

Item # VH-S413SQ
The crystal clear glass bowl shows off the nuts or other treats you are serving while highlighting the natural beauty of woodland creatures. The Glass Squirrel Nut Bowl displays a squirrel perched on an oak twig on the rim.

Large Octopus on Clam Shell Bowl

Item # VH-O471OL
The sensuous waves and curves of a giant Singapore clam are reimagined in the lovely Octopus and Clam Shell Bowl. The design of this iridescent glass serving bowl is embellished with a petite pewter octopus figurine.

Large Rustic Acorn Nut Bowl

Item # VH-L209AL
Artfully designed, the Large Rustic Acorn Nut Bowl has been shaped like an acorn from lustrous acacia wood. The natural color variations of the wood bring warmth and color to wherever this acorn bowl is displayed in your home.