Miniature Fairy Gardens

Invite the magic of fairies into your surroundings with all our miniature fairy garden decor. We have everything you need to construct your own miniature fairy garden here. From quaint fairy garden cottages and fairy home tree doors to fairy garden signs, furniture, and fairy garden figure sets, our expansive selection is perfect for piecing together your own fairy neighborhood! We have fairy garden moss, tree stumps, and planter displays that will lend an earthy look to your miniature fairy village, as well as adorable miniature fairy statues full of character. Soon you may find a fairy city on your hands! Craft the perfect home for any kind of fairy with these collectible outdoor decor pieces.
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8 Piece Mini Garden Set

Item # 05-49453
Take a vacation from your environment and transport yourself into a miniature garden. Our 8 Piece Mini Garden Set contains a variety of elements to make a complete collection of garden accessories for your home or office space.

Acorn Children Figurine

Item # SC7416
Nature is full of surprises and the elegant Acorn Children Figurine is a great decoration for those who like that idea. Your collection has been needing a fresh fantasy item and now you can introduce these kids into your home.

Acorn Fairy Home

Item # TL-4164
Our Acorn Fairy Home is the next house that has popped up in your fairy garden. Crafted from cold cast resin, this acorn statue resembles the actual nut from the tree. The hand painted orange walls and brown roof look even more authentic with the slightly cracked paint.

All Fairies Welcome Fairy Garden Cairn

Item # TL-4332
Cairns are piles of stone commemorating the dead, but when you are an immortal fairy, you have no need for memorials, so you use them to decorate. The All Fairies Welcome Fairy Garden Cairn is an adorable addition to any fairy garden.

Arguing Green Dragonlings Statue

Item # TL-4534
All siblings fight, no matter the species, and that is a fact! Even the two dragon hatchlings in the Arguing Green Dragonlings Statue cannot help but get into it sometimes. Currently they are in a shouting match but that may change.

Baby Fairy and Frog

Item # TL-4077
Fairy babies are full of wonder, joy, and pleasant dreams, and so they spend their time day-dreaming. The Baby Fairy and Frog statue will bring this sense of wonder to your fairy garden and populate it with a special day-dreamer!

Believe Fairy Garden Sign

Item # TL-4503
Sometimes, you just need a reminder to believe in the fantastical aspects of life! The Believe Fairy Garden Sign is that reminder, folks. Put it somewhere you will see it often and never forget that there is magic in the world!

Bird in the Hand Fairy Statue

Item # TL-4606
When a princess kisses a frog, the frog becomes a prince. When a fairy kisses a bird, the bird is still a bird, but it is a happier bird than before. The Bird in the Hand Fairy Statue captures one brief moment before a rush of avian glee.

Blue Cobblestone Fairy Door

Item # TL-4592
Our Blue Cobblestone Fairy Door is a charming decoration to include in your fairy garden and features a variety of colorful hand painted accents. The door is blue and framed with cobblestone. This statue displays a yellow lantern hanging by the door.

Blue Flower Cottage Garden Statue

Item # 05-74029
Bring some fantasy-inspired enchantment to your garden with the Blue Flower Cottage Garden Statue. Hand painted in beautiful colors over high quality cast resin, this statue will add a sense of fairytale whimsy to any outdoor area.

Brick Burrow Fairy Door Statue

Item # CC11770
Do you feel like it is time to enhance your miniature world? Look no further than this Brick Burrow Fairy Door Statue! Made from cold cast resin, this garden statue displays a highly-detailed door design that has been hand painted.

Bug Boys Statue

Item # SC7413
If your garden has been needing a few guardians then the Bug Boys Statue could save the day. Your garden could use a touch of playful attitude and with this item you can subtly freshen up the look of your home or garden.