iDV Engineering

iDV Engineering provides safe and high quality LARP archery supplies, including LARP bows and arrows, bow strings, arrow fletching, arrow nocks, and even archery targets. Many of the archery products here are also great for safe historical reenactment and some types of archery practice. We offer iDV Engineering LARP longbows, horse bows, youth LARP bows for younger LARPers and archery enthusiasts, and even some LARP crossbows. iDV Engineering carries flat head and round head LARP arrows as well as archery maintenance items like bow strings, replacement fletching, and arrow nocks. For finely crafted and highly safe medieval, Renaissance, and fantasy archery gear, our selection of iDV Engineering products is a great place to find all the archery items you may need.

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Glow in the Dark LARP Arrow

Item # MCI-2403
For the archer who enjoys an adventure on the LARP battlefield or an occasional game of tag, we offer the Glow in the Dark LARP Arrow. These arrows have a flat, double density foam tip and an inner rubber stopper for increased safety.

LARP Arrows - Flat Tip

Item # MCI-2405
For LARP archers, beginning archers, and tag-style archery enthusiasts, we are pleased to offer our LARP arrows. These arrows can be used on bows with maximum draw weight and draw length of 30 pounds at a 28 inch draw.

LARP Arrows - Round Tip

Item # MCI-2400
Perfect for LARP, tag-style archery, and beginners, the LARP Arrows â€' Round Tip features a design that emphasizes both safety and accuracy. Reveal to both friend and foe your excellent archery skills without causing injuries.

LARP Arrow Nock

Item # MCI-3328
Arrow nocks undergo a lot of strain during heavy use. Be sure you are always ready to battle with an extra LARP Arrow Nock on hand. This LARP arrow knock is available in black or white and is made of a tough polymer material.

LARP Arrow Fletching

Item # MCI-3327
If you are an archer on the LARP battlefield, then you ought to have the LARP Arrow Fletching at hand. Fletching often needs to be replaced after strenuous use, and this separate arrow fletching helps extend your arrows life span.

LARP Crossbow Bolt

Item # MCI-2402
For the LARP Archer, we are excited to offer our LARP Crossbow Bolts. These arrows have a rounded foam tip making them safe for use in LARP. These arrows are best used with maximum draw weight and draw length of 30 pounds at 15 inches.

White Glow-in-the-Dark LARP Arrow - Round Tip

Item # MCI-2404
Have you ever battled in the dark? It is quite the experience to have! It can also be a headache for archers. With these White Glow-in-the-Dark LARP Arrows, though, you can rid yourself of the frustration of missing ammo completely!

Brown Glow-in-the-Dark LARP Arrow - Round Tip

Item # MCI-2406
Battling at night is great fun, but finding your arrows in the dark can be challenging. With these Brown Glow-in-the-Dark LARP Arrows, you will be able to see wherever your ammo landed after a scouting mission or torchlight tourney.