Fairy Jewelry

Our fairy themed jewelry is sure to be a hit! Many of the pendants in our fairy themed jewelry section are made of hand painted lead free alloy, and some are made of sterling silver and other materials. Some come with an adjustable chain, while others are meant to be attached to your own favorite necklace cord or chain. The intricate details on each fairy pendant will make others stop and look. Our fairy themed jewelry is suitable for everyday wear or even for special occasions and themed outfits. Each piece has amazing color and many include rhinestones for added beauty. Shop all sorts of fairy jewelry here, from necklaces, pendants, and earrings to bracelets, rings, and even fairy hair accessories in this category.

Fairy Bracelets & Anklets

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Let the beauty of the fairy realm accent your appearance with our fairy bracelets and anklets. We offer a variety of fairy jewelry made of high quality materials like sterling silver, white bronze, and more. Our fairy wristwear options are effortless ways to wear your love for these beautiful fantasy creatures no matter the occasion. Fairy anklets are also easy to wear and add unique appeal to any look, no matter the season. Shop fairy wrist watches, fairy charm bracelets, fairy cuff bracelets, and fairy anklets here, all perfect for incorporating the elegance and magic of fairies into any outfit.

Fairy Earrings

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Let little fairies adorn your every outfit when you wear our fairy earrings! We carry a vast selection of fairy jewelry, including fairy stud earrings, fairy ear cuffs, and dangling fairy earrings, so you are sure to find a fairy earring form that suits your style here. Our fantasy fairy earrings are made of high quality materials, like sterling silver, white bronze, and fine pewter, and they can be used in complex fantasy looks or everyday subtle displays of fantasy style. Shop butterfly fairy wing earrings, fairy gemstone earrings, and more, all inspired by the realm of fairies and the wonder they inspire in the modern world.

Fairy Necklaces

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Beauty and magic abound in the realm of fairies. Bring these aspects into your life when you wear our fairy necklaces. These gorgeous fantasy necklaces feature the engraved images of fairies and elements of their realm, made of high quality materials like sterling silver, white bronze, and fine pewter. Wear the beauty of fairies with fairy in flight necklaces, jeweled fairy necklaces, fairy queen necklaces, fairy chokers, and fairy wing necklaces. We have such a variety of fairy necklace styles here that you are sure to find something that will add a touch of fairy fun to your everyday or special occasion look.

Fairy Pendants & Charms

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Be as enchanting as a fairy king or queen when you wear our fairy pendants and charms. Made of high quality materials like sterling silver, white bronze, and fine pewter, we offer an incredible selection of fairy pendants and charms perfect for wearing on your own necklace chain or cord or for attaching to your own charm bracelet. Many of our fantasy fairy pendants display the images of fairy maidens in flight and fairy queens. Shop gorgeously detailed fairy wing pendants, fairy moon charms, gemstone fairy pendants, and delicate fairy charms here, all ready to add unique fantasy style to your everyday looks or special occasion outfits.

Fairy Rings

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Invoke a touch of fairy magic into your everyday life with our selection of fairy rings. Our fairy rings are made of high quality materials like sterling silver, fine pewter, and white bronze. Each fantasy ring is gorgeously detailed with imagery straight out of the world of fairies. Shop our selection of fairy bands engraved with dancing fairy maidens, floral fairy rings, fairy signet rings, and jeweled fantasy rings fit for fairy queens. Fairy rings are perfect for adding a hint of elegance to every look and work well with everyday styles as well as with formal occasion outfits and imaginative fantasy ensembles.

Fairy Hair Accessories

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Incorporate fairy style into any look with our fairy hair accessories. We carry a selection of elegant hair accessories featuring the imagery of the fairy realm here. Whether you are adding a touch of enchantment to your everyday look or embellishing the beauty of a cosplay or themed outfit, look no further than this category for the right hair pieces. Shop fairy hair clips, fairy headbands, and fairy hair bows fit for fairy maidens, princesses, and queens. Fairy ponytail holders make it easy to wear a touch of magic any day. When you want to wear the beauty of fairies in every part of your appearance, be sure to browse through our selection here.