Leather Baldrics

We have a nice selection of high quality baldrics. These leather baldrics are designed to let you carry your sword with ease. Most leather baldrics allow you to hang your sword on your left or right side, or on your back. They hang on you like a sash would as opposed to a belt around the waist. All our leather baldric are heavy duty and have adjustable frogs to hold almost any size scabbard. All our leather baldrics are handcrafted from quality leather.
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Alchemist Baldric with Glass Vials

Item # DK2039
Keep your potions and your sword at hand when you wear this Alchemist Baldric with Glass Vials. Displaying six corked glass vials along the chest, this leather baldric also has an adjustable sword frog with two buckles at the hip.

Castagir Cross Belt

Item # MY100857
Sometimes your outfit is better suited for a belt across the shoulders. Carry your favorite sword or other useful items using the Castagir Cross Belt. This helpful accessory is wonderful for fantasy conventions or LARP events.

Customizable Belt Harness

Item # LP0436
Do you ever wish that you could change your sword frog into a quiver, or your quiver into a sword frog? This Customizable Belt Harness allows you to do just that, possessing an effective and easy-to-use modular design.
$22.00 $19.80

European Baldric

Item # 200326
While much of the weight of the sword rested on the hip, the shoulder strap provided extra support from the opposite side of the body. This added balance and comfort. The European Baldric is great for carrying swords.

Leather Baldric Plate Piece

Item # LP0409
If you are looking to build your own baldric, than this is Leather Baldric Plate Piece is one of two items that will really interest you. Crafted entirely in fine leather, this piece will serve as the mount for your baldric.
$22.00 $19.80

Medieval Leather Baldric

Item # DK2040
Carrying your weapon crossbody has its advantages. With the Medieval Leather Baldric, you can keep your sword securely on your person yet ready to draw for battle. Its sword frog sits at the hip, suspended from the shoulder strap.

Musketeer Baldric

Item # MCI-2200
Perhaps your belt is already full or perhaps your look will not support a belt. Either way makes carrying a sword difficult. At least it would if you did not wear this Musketeer Baldric, to keep your sword secure at your side!

Pirate Baldric

Item # MCI-2199
A baldric is more than just a stylish addition to your attire. It is also an effective way to support your weapon, ensuring that no matter where the tides take you, this Pirate Baldric keeps your trusty cutlass ready at your side!

Pirate Baldric

Item # 200634
The Pirate Baldric is inspired by images of pirates, bristling with weapons, boarding a hapless merchant ship. But this black leather baldric makes a fantastic, functional addition to the outfits of both swashbucklers and swordsmen.

Pirate's Baldric

Item # RT-181
Pirates were notorious for carrying an assortment of weapons, and not all of them were visible. This Pirates Baldric, however, is a way to carry a blade or a pistol in open view, showing off your preferred weapon in a fight.

Pirate's Single Holster Pistol Baldric

Item # DK2035
Most baldrics are used to hold a sword. In this version, our pirate themed baldric has a pistol holster instead of a sword frog. Our Pirates Single Holster Pistol Baldric will make a great addition to any pirate or steampunk ensemble.

Pirate's Triple Threat Pistol Baldric

Item # DK2036
Our Pirates Triple Threat Pistol Baldric is for the pirate who needs to be armed at all times. Our pistol baldric is handmade from quality leather and features three holsters that fit flintlock, blunderbuss, and western style pistols.