DC Drinkware

Bring a bit of superhero fun or supervillain mischief to any drink when you enjoy it from our DC Comics drinkware. From Batman villain shot glass sets to Wonder Woman travel cups, we have it all. Shop here for Batman mugs, pub glasses, and even goblets featuring the Caped Crusader himself, as well as glass sets featuring a plethora of other Gotham characters. Check out Superman and Justice League drinkware as well, ideal for staying hydrated while fighting crime, traveling, or just relaxing at home. We offer something for all fans of DC Comics, with pint glass sets decorated with retro comic art to more modern DC Universe images. No matter your taste in beverages or drinkware styles, you are sure to find something that will satisfy your inner DC Comics fan here.
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Batman Two Piece Glassware Set

Item # NW-BN031P1
When you have a thirst that can only be tamed by the one and only Caped Crusader, there is no need to send out the Bat Signal! You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite cold drink with the Batman Two Piece Glassware Set.
$15.50 $13.95

Batman Villains Four Piece Shot Glass Set

Item # NW-BN031SG8
The only characters from the comic books you know and love that are more iconic than the heroes are, well, the villains! Showcase your favorite adversaries of the Caped Crusader with the Batman Villains Four Piece Shot Glass Set!
$12.00 $10.80

Classic Batman and Superman Shot Glass Set

Item # NW-DC031SG1
Two of the most popular comic book superheroes of all time decorate these collectible shot glasses. The Classic Batman and Superman Shot Glass Set includes four tiny cups, two showing the Man of Steel and two showing the Dark Knight.

DC Hero Uniforms Four Piece Glassware Set

Item # NW-DC031P2
The most memorable images of our favorite superheroes would have to be their iconic uniforms. Celebrate the costumes that have made your beloved DC comic superheroes famous with this DC Hero Uniforms Four Piece Glassware Set!
$29.50 $26.55

DC Hero Uniforms Four Piece Shot Glass Set

Item # NW-DC031SG8
Enjoying a drink with an iconic superhero would be a dream come true for most comic book fans. Now, you can almost make that dream a reality by drinking out of their costumes with the DC Hero Uniforms Four Piece Shot Glass Set!
$12.00 $10.80

Original Batman Cover Pint Glass

Item # NW-BN07031P
An original Batman comic is one of the most valuable comic books in the entire world. Enjoy the amazing and iconic cover art, while easily staying within your budget, with the fun and functional Original Batman Cover Pint Glass!
$7.50 $6.75

Superman Intense Stare Pub Glass

Item # NW-SP10031P
The Man of Steel races to the rescue in the design of the Superman Intense Stare Pub Glass! This collectible Superman glass shows the hero with his cape whipping behind him and an expression of furious concentration on his face.
$7.00 $6.30

Superman Two Piece Glassware Set

Item # NW-SP031P1
Spending all day leaping tall buildings in a single bound can work up a rather extreme thirst. Take a quick break from saving the world from destruction and enjoy a cold refreshment with the Superman Two Piece Glassware Set!
$15.50 $13.95

Wonder Woman Fierce Gaze Pub Glass

Item # NW-WW06031P
A warrior for justice, love, and peace, Wonder Woman races to the rescue on the side of this collectible glass! The Wonder Woman Fierce Gaze Pub Glass displays the DC Comics superheroine with an intense look in her eyes.